Vyatrovich Announced the Complete De-Russification of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



What many experts warned about, namely that decommunization is only a pretext, the first preparatory stage, or a screen for the most main actions under the name of the de-Russification of Ukraine, found real and official confirmation.

The Director of the so-called Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich – in fact, the main ideologist of the regime operating in Kiev – announced that the end of decommunization will be tied to the start of a campaign for the full de-Russification of Ukraine. Decommunization doesn’t solve the main objective of the Kiev regime – full separation from Russia. De-Russification, if of course it succeeds, will make this process complete.

“We understand that for the formation of Ukraine as a strong, independent State, not only decommunization, but also de-Russification is necessary,” he said.

Furthermore, the Banderist ritually specified that supposedly Ukraine during a long period of time was subjected to a deliberate policy of russification and the destruction of everything Ukrainian, in particular, the Ukrainian language was destroyed.

According to him, it wasn’t the natural process of the Ukrainian language dying off, but the thought-over State policy at first of the Russian Empire, and then the Soviet Union.

“Respectively, if today we want to speak about a revival of the Ukrainian language, it is also necessary to pursue a purposeful State policy,” he reported.

Also, the Director of the so-called Ukrainian Institute of National Memory expressed satisfaction about the fact that the Kiev authorities adopted the law on Ukrainian language quotas for radio and television.

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As for the latter, nothing yet is as positive as the de-russifiers would want it to be. The fact is that for Ukrainian music, the quotas of which were expanded practically to a maximum, there is little demand, however the provincial talentless people with a complex try to praise it.

A reduction of the audience of the same radio stations became the result of the quotas. Considering the low-standard and untalented Ukrainian-language content in its majority, there is simply nothing to listen to, or just terrible things for the sake of which it’s not even worth switching on. The thawing of the audience made it senseless for advertisers to use radio platforms and to pay money for it. Due to this, even the most patriotic radio stations were obliged to violate the law. For example, the story with the fined “Gromadske radio”, an ardent mouthpiece of “Maidan” and Ukrainian patriotism, caused a stir in the Ukrainian media.

“Gromadske radio”, together with “Bukovinskaya Volna” were fined for violating the law on the quota of songs in the Ukrainian language, reported the National Council of Ukraine concerning Television and Broadcasting.

“Gromadske radio” on April 2nd from 15.00 till 22.00, when the verification took place, didn’t play any songs in Ukrainian at all. Now the radio station has to pay about $68 – 5% of the general licensing fee, reported “Ukrainskoye Novosti”“Bukovinskaya Volna” played songs in Ukrainian, but not in a volume sufficient enough for patriotism, therefore it was also fined.

These incidents testify that voluntary Ukrainization has minimal chances of success. But who said that it will be voluntary? And after all, is there a need for excessive garrulity if everyone so perfectly knows to what extent the democratic and tolerant regime was established nowadays in the “center of Europe”.

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