Vyatrovich Called the Liberation of Odessa From Nazis “So-Called”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In an interview to “Channel 5” the head of Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich called the liberation of Odessa from Nazis in 1944 “so-called”.

“The events that took place a few weeks ago, when the so-called liberation of Odessa was celebrated, became the first step in promoting the subject of “recommunization” and to prepare for May 2nd and May 9th. I think that law enforcement agencies and especially special services must work more precisely and more seriously to block such manifestations. I am convinced that those Deputies who voted in the City Council are people who it is worth holding an investigation into concerning their links with separatist organizations of Russia,” he said.

Also, the reaction of the former Minister of Justice of Ukraine, the lawyer Elena Lukash appeared on the Internet.

“The fourth year of the occupation of Ukraine. The head of the Institute of National Memory, the so-called institute of Alzheimers, so-called Vyatrovich, CALLED THE LIBERATION OF ODESSA FROM FASCISTS IN 1944 ‘SO-CALLED'”.

In addition, the Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky reacted to the statement.

“Vyatrovich is hysterical – Odessa cancelled the decision on renaming [of streets], as a result of which Shukhevych Street appeared in the city. Vyatrovich called this ‘propaganda of the communist totalitarian regime’ and demands to bring the mayor to justice. Interestingly, the street in honor of the Nazi army officer Roman Shukhevych – is it propaganda of the communist or Nazi regime?”

As a reminder, on April 10th, 1944, troops under the command of the inhabitant of Odessa Rodion Malinovsky liberated Odessa from fascists. Odessa was one of the first to receive the high rank of “Hero City”.

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