Vyatrovich Instructed the Ministry of Healthcare to Change the Consciousness of Ukrainians According to the Precepts of UPA

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Director of the Jewish Committee of Ukraine Eduard Dolinsky writes:

“In the Ministry of Health [of Ukraine – ed] a lecture took place… No, not the Nobel Prize laureate on medicine or biology, no. It is the Director of the Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich who spoke in the Ministry of Health. He told the audience that the strategic task of the fight of UPA was to ‘change the consciousness of Ukrainians’. And to, according to Vyatrovich, it is the fighters of UPA who had to ‘change the consciousness of Ukrainians’, ‘the vast majority of who was made up of natives from villages with only basic secondary education’.

Probably, the change of consciousness already struck two ministers: infrastructure – with visions of the ‘great leader’, and healthcare – who can’t at all find the answer to the painful question ‘what would Bandera do’ and tries to change the virgin pure consciousness of the ministry’s employees. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ministry of Healthcare introduces a collective morning performance of the anthem of OUN”.

And why not if in other places people are already trying to inspire with the anthem of OUN. It is sang at approximately the 3rd minute:

And here is the non-modernized version of the anthem of OUN:

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