WADA Bans Russia: Who Benefits?

In connection with more baseness from WADA fair indignation arises in the Russian people.

It’s just that some unscrupulous citizens (perhaps working for the same masters as WADA) try to direct this indignation not against the real perpetrators of this outrageous situation.

So I’ll give you some little-known facts that I’ve dug up in recent days.

Firstly, for the past 20 odd years all WADA leaders without exception have been subjects of the British Queen (even if they are Canadian or Australian). This is to make you understand from where the Anglo Saxon trace comes.

Secondly, the management of RusADA is appointed and controlled not by the Russian Ministry of Sports, but directly from the central office of WADA. I.e., both the head of RusADA Yury Ganus and his Russophobic assistant Margarita Pakhnotskaya were appointed not by the Russian government, but by the British masters of WADA.

Therefore, by the way, all the claims that were made by WADA against Mutko earlier were not at all on topic. He isn’t at all involved in the appointment of Rodchenkov nor in the oversight of the activities of RusADA (as well as the new minister of sports Pavel Kolobkov). Moreover, the Ministry of Sports has no right to interfere in the work of RusADA, because it would be considered as an “attempt to exert pressure”.

Thirdly, the drug lord Rodchenkov was appointed to the position of inspector by the same British. You know what the scheme is? They themselves assigned a drug lord, then he sold doping to athletes (including through his relative), and then he gives “accusatory” evidence.

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The scheme is completely, from start to finish, under British control, but Putin, the national team, and Mutko are still to blame.

Convenient or what?

Fourthly, few people in our country know that WADA tried to pull off a completely similar scheme with a drug lord as an expert on doping in relation to China. With standard fairy tales about “all athletes in terrible totalitarian China are fed only pills from infancy”.

But there the “Chinese market” authorities of China were charged with drug trafficking and put on the international wanted list faster than the scheme worked.

Well, additionally, if Russia and China were equally and synchronously suspended from competitions – it would be too incriminating.

Fifthly, the modern Russian national team was suspended for actions that athletes were often accused of a decade ago. But a sports career is very short, and en masse in the modern Russian national team there is already the next generation of athletes. I.e., completely different people who have nothing to present at all.

And sixthly, Russia was “graciously” given three weeks to appeal. Appeals to arbitration, which is also controlled by the British. And the meeting of RusADA, where the decision to file an appeal will be taken, is scheduled for December 19th. I.e., half of the time of preparation of the appeal will simply be wasted.

As a result, the British puppets will sue the British in a British court. The result is a little predictable.

And where does Russia factor in here?

The situation with the IOC and NOC is roughly similar, as between WADA and RusADA. Russia’s leadership, paradoxically, is hardly in control of the NOC, because it is actually a branch of the British privately-owned stalls.

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Let’s sum up.

1. To date, the IOC and WADA are obscure (in fact private commercial) structures fully under British control.

2. There are no democratic procedures for the election of the leadership there, and the appointment of the leadership itself is opaque (something similar was voiced by Nigel Farage about the leadership of the European Union, including European Commissioner Junker).

3. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate the drug trade under the cover of WADA and the British trace in it (as it is known, the British have been the main drug traffickers of the planet for several centuries); to demand the extradition of Rodchenkov and a number of other characters to testify in this case through Interpol.

4. It is necessary to raise the question of the fundamental reconstruction of the IOC and its subordinate structures. As an option – to put it under the auspices of the UN.

5. And until Olympic sport is removed from the influence of politically engaged structures fulfilling an obvious order, it is necessary to suspend membership in the IOC and affiliated structures (and to stop paying them membership fees, which are quite large amounts).

6. It is also necessary to raise the question of the radical restructuring and retraining of the NOC of the Russian Federation.

We cannot and should not be responsible (and pay, by the way) for the actions of structures that are not subordinate to us and are not controlled by us.

Aleksandr Rodgers

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