They Want to Kill Us With Our Own Hands

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


There were terrible times in Russian history,

when brother was against brother.

It seemed we turned those black pages a long time ago

and we’re confidently moving towards a bright future, intuitively finding our special Russian way.

But right now, when our nation becomes unified, monolithic, and ready to give a decisive response to any adversary, grandfather’s Budenovka and uniform with epaulettes [white guard – ed] are pulled out of the naphthalene. They hang them in a prominent place and start to moan, cursing the brother-enemy.

People, who still yesterday were chanting together “Crimea is ours!” and experienced the delight of unity in a multimillion column of the “Immortal regiment”, for no apparent reason start to, in a raised voice, clean the air, and have a falling out.

My friends, compatriots!

People, who are Russian in face and spirit. Brothers and sisters!

The history of our Motherland is a kaleidoscope of events.

There was in it great achievements and victories, as well as treacherous betrayals and defeats.

For centuries Russia was led by the Rulers:

princes, tsars, secretary-generals, presidents.

Each of them had successes as well as failures.

Everyone of them had on their cuffs, whether they wanted it or not, the blood of Russians.

History is something that should be carefully studied and thoroughly known in order to take the best from it, and not repeating the worst.

But history in any case mustn’t be stirred by shaking and turning it into a muddy maelstrom. It mustn’t be used as a cudgel in the hands of manipulators and provocateurs.

I see how, right now, before our eyes, a skilled hand spins the flywheel of the civil confrontation, which is able to split the entire country on the axis of “Red-White”.

Open your eyes! Ukraine was split in a similar way, using almost the same manipulation of consciousness.

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The instigator of civil confrontation, as in Ukraine, as in Russia, do not need the quick victory of neither one side or the other, of brothers hating each other, in this country.

The instigator needs a long, bloody war inside the nation for mutual extermination, with maximum losses of living force.

In Ukraine, this process of artificial depopulation is in full swing. In Russia, it was only just launched.

We have inscribed on the coat of arms of the Republic of Crimea, the motto:



It is in the unity of the peoples of Russia that lies its future victories, achievements and… salvation. Try to remember that and not allow it to turn you into “boiling with noble anger” mad men.

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