Who Wants to Blow Up “Eurovision” on May 9th, and Why?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



I [Aleksandr Zhilin – ed] obtained information from Kiev that the SBU, under the control of foreign curators, began a special operation, the purpose of which is to quickly (due to bloody terrorist attacks) create an image of Donbass as territories of terrorism against Ukraine, and not only.

The source reported that the exploding of the vehicle of the OSCE Mission is the first terrorist attack in a series planned by the Ukrainian special services.

In the language of Anglo-Saxon intelligence agencies it is called an ACTION UNDER ANOTHER’S FLAG.

The main “action” is planned, according to the source, for May 9th. The terrorist attack should happen directly in the auditorium during the live worldwide broadcast of “Eurovision”.

It will be depicted as the revenge of “Donbass terrorists”, who are allegedly supported by Moscow, against the Kiev regime for the process of the desovietization of the country and partly for the non-admission to the competition of the Russian singer.

Two aims are pursued: the torpedoing of a possible meeting between Trump and Putin and the initiation of the introduction of international troops on the territory of Ukraine, which will cover the offensive of the UAF towards militia positions.

It is possible to prevent this terrible crime only via the concept of wide publicity. Then it will lose its meaning.

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