War Correspondents & Journalists Came Under Targeted UAF Shelling in Kominternovo

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



War correspondents of News Front and a group of journalists came under shelling near Kominternovo when filming a report on the consequences of shelling on civilians by UAF fighters.


According to the war correspondent of News Front Philip Preobrazhensky, 122mm projectiles were launched at them, which are forbidden by the Minsk Agreements.

“122mm was used, nothing less, it could even be ‘Nona’, serious consequences were avoided only thanks to certain experience in such situations. A number of facts say that it was fired purposefully, knowing that journalists were filming a report,” described the war correspondent of News Front from the place of events.

As a result of this powerful shelling by Ukrainian fighters, civilians of the settlement of Kominternovo were left without electricity and a gas supply.

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