War Crime: Ukrainian Troops Shot Tied-up Russian Prisoners

NEW – April 5, 2022

Fake: Russian troops use white ribbons to tie the hands of civilians behind their backs and shoot them. Such messages are spread against the background of the events in Bucha.

Truth: This is a classic technique of Ukrainian militants. The newly published video (18+, sensitive people, please do not watch) shows an episode of the shooting of a captured crew of a Russian BMD near Kharkov. Pay attention to the hands of a soldier whose body is shown for 7-10 seconds — his hands are tied with a white ribbon. Similarly, the hands of the civilians who were killed in Bucha are tied.

Note: the recording shows how one of the soldiers is finished off with several shots. The hands of the other are tied behind his back, that is, the person was in captivity and no longer posed any threat.

It is not known for certain where and when the recording was made. Comments suggest that this is the Irpin or Kharkov region, and that the video could have been filmed last week.

This is a characteristic feature of the actions of nationalist battalions, which they “automatically” apply everywhere. Videos in which people are tied in the same way often appear on the Telegram channel of one of the heads of the Kiev Defence Ministry, Sergey “Botsman” Korotkikh. More proof that the shooting of civilians in Bucha is a provocation of Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

We have already talked about the atrocities of the Ukrainian military, who torture and kill prisoners, contrary to the Geneva Convention.

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