War Against Russia Without Rules

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Specialists affirm that in the conditions of total balance of nuclear deterrent forces, a showdown between the major powers with the help of its Armed Forces is possible but not desirable. Firstly, it is dangerous because of the threat of retaliation of such force that there can be no winners. Secondly, it is very expensive. Taking into account the fact that wars are not started by Napoleons, Hitlers, and Obamas, but the owners of global capital solely in their own interests, and these guys know how to count money. Hence, a significant optimisation of costs of intervention in the 21st century. So what is this war? Why doesn’t humanity see the mass movement of troops and major battles like Prokhorovka?

Speaking on 13th September 2014, at the traditional Saturday sermon, Pope Francis said that World War III had already begun, and blamed “greed, intolerance, and a lust for power”, which is often justified by ideology.”

It is fundamentally different. Our eternal enemies, the Anglo-Saxons, came to the conclusion that the effective weapons of the Third World War to bypass the force of nuclear deterrent can be TERRORISM as a tool of foreign policy of the hegemon of violence – the United States of America.

How were wars previously fought? The aggressor came to the territory of another state, occupied it, established its rules and the corresponding government regime. They created commandants offices, centres of public outreach, etc. The occupiers at this time took responsibility for maintaining order in the occupied territory, providing the population with at least elementary products, oversaw that no epidemics happened – that is, provided medical care, etc. All this was linked to considerable so-called accompanying or overhead costs.

The Third World War is an economic one. None of the aggressors take responsibility for the fate of the enslaved citizens of occupied countries. No overhead costs. And the aggressor is outside the area of responsibility for their actions.

…After the decision was made to use terrorism as the main components of the occupation of foreign territories, specialists of three private military companies in the UK left for the world. A little later they were joined by representatives of the special services of Israel. And literally within six months small, medium, and large terrorist organizations began to appear like mushrooms after a rain. They were created under the classical scheme of the Anglo-Saxon secret services.

After the Second World War, as the main motive of interference in the affairs of other States, the Americans used the legend of the assistance of democracy. However, this legend exhausted itself, because it could no longer informationally cover the radical defeat of the States – resource owners, the destruction of their statehood, and consolidating their resources in the hands of the owners of the money.

And then came September 11th, 2001! The ahead-of-time-created by specialist PMC “al-Qaeda” took responsibility for this. Without exception, the media (and ours too) screamed about the emergence of a terrible threat to the world – international terrorism. In the minds of people appeared the image of a hideous monster that crushes everything around it, beheads people with no idea why and for what… We were externally convinced that they kill for the sake of killing. But it does not exist. Terrorism always has its purpose, and its destination, and it certainly has an owner. In this case, the Anglo-Saxons and the owners of the money.

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After September 11th, the Anglo-Saxons have only to specify the “hot spot” of this international evil. By a complete coincidence, vile terrorists started to group exclusively in oil and gas bearing countries.

Just think: for the destruction of statehood of Iraq and the hanging of its leader without trial, it was enough to wave a vial of donkey urine and blame the country of mythical chemical weapons! And after the destruction of the state cynically claim: a little mistake occurred…

The same principle destroyed Libya, and its leader torn apart alive under the approving screams: wow! – by the current candidate for US President, insane in the head Mrs. Clinton.

And all this, I noticed, under the specious pretext of fighting global terrorism. At this time, everyone repeated these two words without thinking that terrorism is a weapon, a means of waging a Third World War. And we need to talk about those who have these weapons in their hands, and what they hope to achieve. To scream about the threat of global terrorism is the same scream about the threat of the knife lying on the table. A knife is dangerous only in the hands of a criminal or maniac, and after a crime it’s not the knife that is judged, but the one in whose hands it was.

Recently, it has become very fashionable to use the terms like network-centric, hybrid and other war. But not many people delve into the meaning of these terms.

Network-centric means that there is a chain of networks, and a center. So all this ISIS (organization banned in Russia), Jabhat al-Nusra (an organization banned in Russia), and other terrorist entities and units, scattered around the world, is the network. And where is the centre control? It is the Anglo-Saxons!

Imagine how beneficial it is to have such a network?

German Chancellor Merkel at the beginning of the sanctions war against Russia insisted that to fully sever ties with Putin is not permitted. Obama warned her to be quiet three times. It did not help. Then a chemical plant in Bremen was blown up, after which Ms Merkel radically changed her position and became much like a call girl.

French President Hollande decided to support Putin in Syria in the fight against ISIS (an organization banned in Russia). And even dared to snap at Washington. Immediately after this, in France there were terrible terrorist attacks with casualties! And if the explosions were heard not only in Paris, but in five or six other towns, France would have collapsed to his knees. But, after all, this country is a NATO member, has a nuclear triad… Alas, terrorism has completely reset the entire military defence of this country.

And who immediately took responsibility? ISIS, of course! And what can be done about ISIS (organization banned in Russia)? And where is it located: it is in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya, everywhere where the Americans are defending the interests of global finance!

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The algorithm is simple: it doesn’t matter who blows the country up: the CIA, MI-6 or specialists of the PMC under the guise of terrorists. What is important is that someone takes responsibility of the owners and customers of terrorism!

Hybrid means and methods of influencing the enemy greatly complicates the defense against retaliatory actions of the victim.

How were Iraq and Libya destroyed? Military air strikes. Uprising. Chaos. The collapse of the country.

But Ukraine was occupied without the use of military force. Exclusively by methods of war from uprising. Maidan was organized (uprising). Topical slogans were formulated (relatively speaking, an unseen freebie awaits you in the future). The constitutional government was overthrown. Occupation, or rather the colonial regime, was established. The occupier doesn’t carry any responsibility to the people residing in the controlled territories. Moreover, the entire burden of the cost of maintaining the occupational regime was imposed on the shoulders of the people. After all, what do taxes in Ukraine represent? It is the contributions of Ukrainian citizens for the maintenance of the administration of the giant concentration camp. And including their own private “escort”.

You will notice that Ukraine is the only country that the Anglo-Saxons put on its knees, being guided not by the desire to take control of energy resources, which there is not a sufficient number of. This territory is necessary to them completely for other purposes…

According to the results of a comprehensive analysis of the situation in and around Russia, the planners came to the conclusion that neither Iraq’s or Libyan’s or Ukrainian’s scenario, with the direct occupation of our country, was not possible. We will respond to the military challenge so that it appears little to nobody. And the hope for Maidan right after the elections to the Duma collapsed under the weight of the squeamish attitude of the absolute majority of Russians to the fifth column, which is infected by an ultra-liberal plague.

What remains in the arsenal of our enemies? Only terror.

In Ukraine, at a military training ground in Yavoriv, Lvov region, Americans created a training center for saboteurs from among the local population. This centre is secret, where even Poroshenko is forbidden. In Kiev, at the former KGB school, the school of sabotage and terrorist activities was created. It is noteworthy that trainees are prepared to work not only in Russia but also in Europe. But what has Europe got to do with anything? It’s simple. The Anglo-Saxon’s nightmare-inducing of Europe by terrorist violence, stimulating the rejection of such institutions of state independence, like the national army and security forces, and other structures of state security. And it is proposed to transfer all these important obligations to certain supranational united superstructures. It means, to Anglo-Saxons. If this happens, the EU will become the only colony where the role of the escort will be played by only a united army and united special services.

But let’s go back to Ukraine. Why are the Ukrainian people injected with Russophobia and boundless hatred of all things Russian? Because they prepare them for a long terrorist war with Russia. It is especially for this the pro-American regime Waltzman-Groisman lowers the living standards of Ukrainians to the floor. Poverty is the best environment for recruiting terrorists. For a Kopeck!

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Relatively speaking, the NATO multi-purpose tactical bomber is worth $20-30 million. Given the effectiveness of our defense in conditions of war this winged machine performs a one-way trip. Bang – that’s 30 million gone. And there will be hundreds of such downed bombers. And now imagine how many saboteurs and terrorists with the money saved from only one plane you can recruit in the poor Ukraine? Thousands. And try to identify them in Russia or Europe…

Today, Russian journalists are wondering: how many of the 4 million Ukrainian migrant workers will go to fulfil this terrorist attack? Any of the 4 million. And there is no need here for any special Nazi training. Imagine painter Olesya from Zhmerinka paints a wall in Moscow’s new building. The phone rings, and she hears the voice of her five-year old daughter, who, sobbing, screaming into the phone: “Mom, I was taken from grandmother by some men and now they want to cut off my fingers with pair of scissors”. Then the severe male voice says: “So, you go to the Kiyevskaya railway station, and in the 20th locker, get the bag and you go down into the subway…”

And this Olesya will do it, without hesitation, only following her maternal instinct…

I give this example not in order to escalate fear. On the contrary. It is important to understand the seriousness of the emerging situation and not to rely solely on Putin and Shoigu. Only a consolidated society can counteract terrorism. When everyone is on guard. In my opinion, the issue of creating local territorial militia, which would work with the arriving people and would become the center of mobilization of the population in case of threat, is very relevant.

But domestic measures alone will not solve the problem. Whether we like it or not, we also have to take preventive measures. To work on our anticipation. Otherwise, the country will be overwhelmed by the horror of the terrorist war. In this case we are talking not only about the destruction of the centers of terrorism on the territory of Ukraine.

In one of his interviews, Vladimir Putin openly said that if anyone expects a World War to start and to twiddle their thumbs, sitting behind the big puddle [over the Atlantic – ed], this will not happen. And the Russian President followed his words with action. Principally new means of delivering (media) weapons of retaliation were upgraded and put into service. The boomerang of reckoning will come back very quickly and for a guaranteed sighting. What is the quintessence of what Putin said? So that if you take aim not at the abstract term “international terrorism”, but at those who uses terror as a foreign policy tool, who uses it as a weapon of World War III, the nuclear potential can reliably and effectively restrain the use of terror against a country.

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