“The War Is Senseless”: Two UAF Deserters Arrested Near Rostov

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Rostov border guards have detained two deserter-soldiers of the UAF trying to cross the border of the Russian Federation. This was stated by a source of Life in law enforcement bodies of the region.

According to security officials, the Ukrainian military men were detained at two different locations when they tried to cross the state border.

One of the UAF soldiers – Aleksey Yatsun – immediately said that he was drafted into the Armed Forces against his will and didn’t want to join the army at all. The soldier also added that his father is ill, but the military registration and enlistment office didn’t care. To the question “Why did you decide to desert?” he answered that he doesn’t want to fight and thinks that the war is senseless, because he does not understand why Ukrainians fight with Ukrainians.

The second deserter — Bogdan Belozerov – said that he is a widower. He also did not want to serve, but the military Commissar tore up his passport. Some time later people with guns came for him, so he decided to flee to Russia.

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