“We Ask the Russian Authorities To Immediately Release Navalny”

“We ask the Russian authorities to release him immediately. We are ready to invite him to the European Parliament,” European Parliament President Sassoli tweeted after Navalny‘s detention. The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, said that “the detention of Aleksey Navalny upon arrival in Moscow is unacceptable” and called for “the Russian authorities to immediately release him”.

“The Russian authorities must respect the rights of Aleksey Navalny and release him immediately. The politicisation of justice is unacceptable,” echoed EU Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. All these posts were made by Brussels officials almost simultaneously, within 30 minutes after the news of Navalny’s detention.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “I am deeply concerned about Russia’s decision to arrest Aleksey Navalny. Confident political leaders are not afraid of competing voices and do not see the need to commit violence or illegally detain political opponents.”

I suggest to send them a reply…

…The Constitution of Russia, which establishes the supremacy of Russian laws over all “requests and demands from over the hill”. And remind them about the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation and the federal law “On the status of judges in the Russian Federation” with the question: why do they suggest that Russia violate the democratic principle of the separation of powers and the independence of the court. If there, at the request of US officials, they quickly release or expel anyone, then in Russia everything will be decided in a Russian court.

Yes, now they will certainly raise a howl on all their European websites. This topic will be discussed by the EU Council at the level of Foreign Ministers on January 25th and at the opening session of the European Parliament on January 18th. It will be included in the agenda of the planned meeting of the EU Council at the level of Foreign Ministers on June 25th. The interlocutor of the agency noted that a joint statement of the EU countries on this case may be published on Monday morning.

It will also be submitted to the session of the European Parliament, which opens on January 18th, said another diplomat, and it is expected that the Speaker of the European Parliament Sassoli will raise this issue in his opening speech.

Navalny has been wanted for multiple probation violations since December 29th 2020. The further measure of restraint will be determined by the court, and until the court’s decision, he will be in custody.

The Federal Penitentiary Service stressed that during 2020, Navalny had to be registered with the criminal executive inspectorate twice a month on certain days. Violations were recorded twice in January 2020, once in February, March, July, and August. The last appearance for registration took place on August 3rd 2020.

At the same time, he was repeatedly warned that these violations could lead to the cancellation of conditional release and its replacement with a real term of imprisonment. Navalny’s calls were suspended for the duration of his treatment at the Charite clinic (Germany). But in October 2020, it became known from the official publications of the clinic that Navalny was discharged on September 23rd, later he himself confirmed this information in a notification sent to the Federal Penitentiary Service. However, despite the lack of objective reasons, from October 2020 until the end of the probationary period for registration he was not thereby violated his probation, explained in Federal Penitentiary Service.

Navalny for some reason decided that he is “more equal than all the others” and can walk around the country under a written undertaking not to leave or he has some kind of security certificate from the laws of Russia, due to the fact that he is an “opposition” figure.


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