“We Believe That the Brilliant Hitler Represents Our Best Hopes”: What You Need to Know About Russian Monarchists From Nice

Private archive. Manuscript. Translation from German – O.B., I.P. Published for the first time.

The addressee of the letter is apparently Dr. Kurt Zwanziger (1896 -?), a participant in the first world war, at that time commandant of Nice, and later a liaison officer to one of the Italian divisions in Africa – one of his letters from near El-Alamein was preserved in the Bundesarchiv.

The author of the letter is Nikolay Shapovalenko (1894-1976), and after the war it was printed in “Our Country” by I.L. Solonevich under the pseudonym Nikolay Pototsky, author of pamphlets “Conversation about the People’s Monarchy” (1953), “Companion of the Propagandist of the People’s Monarchy” (1954), “Emperor Pavel the First” (1957), etc. Subsequently he quarelled with V.K. Levashov (Dubrovsky); see in the letters of V.V. Orekhov: “The People’s Monarchist Movement (represented by Dubrovsky, General Representative for Europe – Shapovalenko, alias Pototsky – in Nice) is now split and Pototsky-Shapovalenko trumps Dubrovsky, accusing him of using monarchical fees for treatment… The two mutually accuse each other of embezzlement of sums collected into the Grand Duke’s Fund. Dubrovsky excluded Shapovalenko (Pototsky) from the ‘People’s Monarchist Movement’, and Shapovalenko declared his independent department, but this ‘department’ seems to have a dozen people all over Europe…”

The letter was sold in 2017 as a part of a small archive of 88 documents (including other letters from White emigres to Zwanziger) at an auction for €18,500.

To Mr Captain Zwanziger,

Highly respected Mr Captain!

We, the Russian officers of the imperial and white armies, our wives, mothers and sisters, allow ourselves to inform you, as a representative of the German Reich, of the following:

We believe that the brilliant Fuhrer of the German Reich Adolf Hitler represents the best hopes not only of the German people, but also of the honest people of the whole world, and we, Russian nationalists and patriots, honour him as a fearless fighter for the ideals of the new order against the dark forces of world Jewry and Freemasonry.

After he became Germany’s Reichskanzler, we were firmly convinced that the time would come when he would strike a decisive blow against the Jewish-Communist gang in Moscow and free our unhappy people from under the yoke of the Jews.

We were not mistaken, and now that the best sons of the heroic German people give their blood and lives for the liberation of our Motherland, We wish to express our deepest gratitude to your Fuhrer and all the German people for these sacrifices and to express our unwavering confidence that in the future both our peoples will forever be united by a heartfelt friendship and completely natural political, economic, and spiritual cooperation.

In this bloody fight we want to help the German people with every effort and will be happy if the German government involves us as soon as possible in all areas of the administrative and economic revival of our Motherland.

We will allow ourselves to politely warn the representative of the German government that, unfortunately, there are also those among Russian emigres who understand nothing about the colossal events of modern times or spiritually, but are especially materially connected with the international plutocratic forces of Jewry and Masonry and therefore declare themselves hostile to Germany. These degenerates are well aware that under the new order in our Motherland their self-loving aspirations will have no place, and therefore they want in their powerless rage to prevent the victory of a new life and to denigrate and slander fighters for new ideals. All Russian nationalists despise these evils of the Russian revolution and the dead classes of the former Russian society and ask our German friends not to pay attention to these insults and slander.

A genuine nationalist Russia, now reborn with the help of brave German troops, will never forget the sacrifices made by the German people to liberate it, so all our feelings and our thoughts with heartfelt gratitude and deepest respect are with the German people and their brilliant Fuhrer.

Long live Hitler, long live Germany!

Captain Nikolay [Georgievich] Shapovalenko – [signature]

[82 more signatures of Russian emigrants from Nice follow]

Igor Petrov

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