“We Don’t Want War”: In Kiev School Children Prepared Drawings Promoting Peace With Russia

At Kiev school No. 255 children drew posters depicting friendship between Ukraine and Russia. The pupils stand for peace and the ending of war.

The corresponding photo was published on Facebook by the journalist Roman Sinitsyn.

“School No. 255. Kiev. Darnitsya. Who should be tagged at first – the SBU, the regional education department, Klitschko?” he noted, obviously negatively perceiving the initiative of school students.

In comments under a post, a broom of subjects, many users supported children.

“Children are for peace and friendship between peoples, and it is wonderful! It means there is hope that everything will be good for us”, “And what is so bad about these drawings? What is bad about peace? If you react so harshly to messages of peace, then doesn’t that make you the aggressor?”, “I.e., you want the war with Russia to be eternal? What did the children write that’s wrong? They want peace with Russia, and didn’t write any words about Russia doing everything correctly,” it is said in the comments.

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