“We Miraculously Managed to Hide in the House of a Local Babushka”: Donetsk Volunteer Andrey Lysenko Came Under UAF Fire in the Village of Signalnoye

Today, on March 14th, Donetsk volunteer Andrey Lysenko came under fire in the village of Signalnoye. By the way, this is not the first time this has happened in his charity work. Before this, Andrey and his team came under fire in the village of Zaitsevo and Yasnoye. But this is the first time they have come under such heavy fire.

“We were taking food packages to the elderly, there are a lot of frail people who were waiting for us and got there,” says the volunteer. “And suddenly the shelling started. In reality, it did not stop at all.”

“Signalnoye, red zone. Friends, today we came to visit the elderly people in the village of Signalnoye and we came under fire. A man aged 85 was injured. He received wounds to his head and abdomen. 5 houses were damaged. I didn’t have time to film everything on video. A drone was flying over us and correcting the fire on the ambulance. Later we went to the edge of the village and the place where we were before was again shelled by an automatic grenade launcher. Those who say that they are not afraid and they are used to it, do not believe them – it is always SCARY, especially when they shoot at you. The elderly people were crying and their hands were shaking. In general it’s not a part of pleasure. We were not able to visit all elderly people, but we’ll return to see and help them.”

Just an hour before his arrival, an 84-year–old man, a resident of Signalnoye, received a shrapnel wound to his abdominal area. The shrapnel caught up with him when he was in the courtyard of his own house.

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“The fire was carried out from infantry fighting vehicles, mortars and automatic grenade launchers. We couldn’t even approach an ambulance and find out how to help, the medics were under heavy fire and we were with them. It was 50 meters away from us. We were sheltered in the house by a grandmother,” says Andrey. “We waited out the attack, distributed food packages, got into the car and just drove away, as the Ukrainian military again started to shell exactly at the place where we were standing just before.”

At the same time, Andrey says that he will continue to provide assistance to civilians, often risking his life. After all, these elderly people sometimes have no one else to help them.

The world community continues to not notice how during six years under the guise of peacekeeping speeches firstly Poroshenko, then Zelensky, wipe Donbass from the face of the earth, how entire villages are shelled, how people remain crippled. An entire family, including a 13-year-old child, was injured in Gorlovka (Nikitovka) last night.

“There’s no end of it in sight. I open the windows so that they don’t shatter, and nights when you can sleep quietly are so rare,” says an elderly resident of Gorlovka Elena. “I wonder if anyone in the world cares about our grief.”

Whatever is being discussed – a new virus, the dollar exchange rate, everyone has long been used to our war and even considers it to be bad tone to discuss it. This is how we live.

A little later it became known that the man wounded in Signalnoye died in hospital.

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“Dear friends, followers and plain strangers. In the frontline areas, people are waiting for our help. Because of the frequent and violent attacks, not everyone can even go out to the store. Yes, and many people simply do not have money. Every day people call and write to me, asking for help. It remains for me to put out a few reports and the piggy bank will become empty. The elderly people of Signalnoye asked me to come to see them tomorrow and help, but I probably have to refuse them. Vladimir Ilyich died today and I didn’t have time to help him. The fatal projectile arrived 15 minutes before my arrival. This is the last photo of a WWII veteran taken last summer. Whoever will have the opportunity not to pass by but donate at least a little to help people and the funeral of grandfather Vladimir: details of Sberbank of Russia – card number 5469520012973731; Yandex wallet number – 410014366966360; PayPal – [email protected] Thank you very much in advance and God Bless you and your families.”

Yuliya Andrienko

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