“We Want to Show Germany the Truth!”: German Social Activists Saw Firsthand the Results of Ukraine’s Genocide in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The representative of the “Wächter” public organisation from Germany Fred Schramm said that after his visit to the DPR he will present to the German government the facts of crimes committed by Kiev in Donbass.

The delegation of German social activists arrived in Donbass to document the facts of crimes that are committed by Ukraine in relation to the republics, said Fred Schramm. He intends to reveal to the government of the country the truth [as if they don’t already know… – ed] about the crimes of the authorities of Ukraine in Donbass.

“We came here to document the facts of crimes that are committed by Ukraine concerning the Donetsk People’s Republic. Another purpose of our visit is to support the needy people. Today we were in Gorlovka, and saw such needy people. Their houses are destroyed, they live under shelling,” said the representative of the German charitable organization.


“Upon returning home we will publish information about the situation that has developed here and we will give the facts to the government so that they take measures,” he said.

Schramm added that within the framework of the visit to the DPR the social activists visited the frontline districts of Donetsk and Gorlovka. It is noted that the guests of the republic intend to visit Zaitsevo and lay flowers at the memorial to the killed children of Donbass.

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