“We Wanted to Get Into an Abandoned House, We Wanted an Adventure”: Four Children Were Blown up by a Landmine in Gorlovka

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Today in Gorlovka three children died in a small forest near a zero checkpoint [grey zone – ed]. They had triggered a mine. One child is in a serious condition and was taken to hospital. This was reported by the acting mayor of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko.


According to the information of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in the small forest near the zero checkpoint there was a MON explosion, three children have died, one is in a serious condition and was taken to hospital, reported Ivan Prikhodko.

The deputy commander of the operative command of the Republic, colonel Eduard Basurin, spoke to Komsomolskaya Pravda about the tragedy in more detail.

“They are four boys, aged 13-14. They were in the forest belt near the entrance/exit Mayorsk check-point and were blown up. By what precisely – we don’t yet known, but it is most likely a MON. Ukrainian positions are very close to there. One child with numerous shrapnel wounds was taken to hospital in Gorlovka. It isn’t excluded that after he has received first aid he will be brought to Donetsk,” said Eduard Basurin.

The MON that presumably blew the teenagers up is an antipersonnel fragmental directional mine.

Cylindrical shrapnel or little balls can be used as the striking element.

It also became known that the action of the mine that blew the children up was aimed towards the track that they were walking along. We will emphasise that the teenagers went strictly on the track.

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According to the wounded boy who survived, it was succeeded to establish the names of his friends who will never come back home.

“Data on the dead, according to the wounded boy: Korobov Kirill – 7th class, Maksimenko Andrey – 13-years-old, Berbinov Vitaly – 8th class. All studied at school No. 30,” reported Ivan Prikhodko.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that four teenagers were going from Bessarabka towards Mayorsk and detonated a mine. Dmitry Vladimirovich Tulup – born on 01.01.2008 – was taken to hospital with shrapnel wounds to all his body. The details of the tragedy are being established.

The injured boy told the details of the tragedy: “We wanted to get to an abandoned house, we wanted an adventure. The guys were prepared, took with themselves a hammer to open the sealed door. When we were walking along, I saw a flash. When I regained consciousness, I checked to see if I am alive, then I looked at the others. Two were dead, and the third one had been thrown into the bushes”.

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