Weapons From The “ATO” Fall Into the Hands of Other Terrorists in the Middle East

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In the middle of December, 2016, in the Syrian Aleppo journalists found 8 warehouses of arms left by retreating terrorists. Among the huge number of arms, which according to military experts was sufficient for 2 years of military operations, appeared ones of Bulgarian production.

And here Bulgarians were very upset, demanding an answer to the question: “How did our weapons appear in the hands of terrorists?”. Bulgarians want to learn who bears responsibility for it. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia also asked Bulgaria to explain the situation. Moreover, on December 28th, the State Office of the Public Prosecutor of Bulgaria began an investigation into how weapons of Bulgarian production came to terrorists in such quantities, but the loud beginning of the investigation remained the beginning…

The Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, during a journalistic investigation, managed to catch on to the hot scent of the so-called “roads of death” and to trace the proliferation of weapons to terrorists. This concerns illegal deliveries of Bulgarian arms (in especially large quantities), which remains absolutely “invisible” to the heap of intelligence agencies and all the European Union.

Bulgaria in this scheme is, as Bulgarians say – is the “fuse”, i.e., a dummy participant who if something goes will burn. So far nobody wishes to notice this — although this subject arose more than once in the media, the facts were presented, and arms supplies continued.

The weapons regularly go to Saudi Arabia through the Black Sea. Journalists managed to learn which vessel transports them (one thing is at least certain):

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According to the site “Marinetraffic.com”, onboard the Marianne Danica cargo ship under the Danish flag freight of the first class of danger, i.e., weapons and explosives, was transported.

The ship operates freely in the direction of Burgas (Bulgaria)—Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Riyadh, of course, denies that it helps al-Nusra and ISIS.

However, as well as other members of the American-led coalition, Saudi Arabia supports the Free Syrian Army — a group of the so-called moderate opposition.

The Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva also managed to interview a Colonel of the Free Syrian Army, who was so disappointed, according to her, that they decided to leak information and to make it public. The interview with the Colonel Malik Al-Kurdi made a lot of noise, and he reported that the US, Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar control illegal channels of weapons.

It was all in the past, it had a resonance, but there was no effect or result, and deliveries of arms continued.

Just today a group of Bulgarian journalists told us the results of a new journalistic investigation in which there are very interesting facts – the most interesting being about Ukrainian weapons from the zone of the “anti-terrorist operation”.

On June 11th, at approximately at 23.30, a column of trucks with 2100 units of OG–15VM shells proceeded through the Ukrainian check point of “Porubnoye” Chernovsti border detachment, Ukraine. This shell enjoys special popularity with ISIS militants.

The OG–15V 73mm active round with the fragmental grenade comes complete with a OG-9 and a propulsive-powder charge OG–15P, and is intended to destroy the manpower of the opponent, suppress the fire of weapons at ranges of 1000m, and for firing at group targets up to 4500m away.

This freight was addressed to the recipient, the Bulgarian firm “Akuis”, and the Kiev enterprise with State participation “Spetstechnoexport” acted as the sender.

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According to the estimates of our Bulgarian colleagues the total cost of the freight is half a million US dollars.

Now a question: why does Bulgaria need Ukrainian weapons an even in such quantity, where will it further go, and why doesn’t the government of Bulgaria comment on why such arms find their way into the country?

It turns out that the high-ranking Ukrainian military officials write off shells and arms in the zone of the “anti-terrorist operation” and deliver them through Bulgarian ports directly to terrorists?

Maybe this is why the Pentagon wants so much to give arms to Ukraine, understanding where actually they will appear and to whom they will serve?


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