Weeping of the Slaves

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Do you hear how these slaves cry out?

They cry “Let us be slaves!”

They hate Crimeans because they did not want to be slaves. They hate the residents of Donbass because they did not want to be slaves. How is it that they are slaves, and someone else doesn’t want to be? Are you better than us? Go on the knees, like us!

Moreover, “go on the knees” – in all senses: figuratively, and in practice. No-one in modern history spent as long as the slaves of the Kiev supervisory regime during the last three years on their knees. So just as a fact, you can double-check it: kneeling is not practiced anywhere in the world. Before God – sometimes, in some other cases – no.


And, worst of all, this slavery is voluntary.

They hate Russia for conducting an independent foreign policy. And they hate Putin as the guarantor of sovereignty, as a living symbol of this freedom.

Have you noticed? How they consistently demand from Russians, Armenians, Moldovans, and others: arrange a Maidan, destroy your countries too, go under external influence – we don’t want to be the only morons who engage in self-destruction. And how their anger and hatred comes down on all those who refuse to obey the diktat from overseas – on Russia, China, Syria, Iran, other European politicians and so on.

Now there is full hysteria: the old master turned into a “lame duck”, and the witch, who during six months they proved their loyalty to, lost the election. Therefore, in the Ukrainian media articles are published “What awaits Ivano-Frankovsk after the victory of Trump”.

“A sovereign and independent Ukraine” – it’s a timeless anecdote. Because every time something like this occurs, they run to lick someone’s boots, be it Charles XII, Franz Joseph, Hitler, and now the Americans.


What was Maidan for? In order for a “Vatnik” to become the President of the United States? The new master did not appoint them as their beloved wife! While they wanted so much to be his “house negroes” and maybe even overseers. But it did fuse.

What do Ukrainian Maidan slaves accuse Russia of? In paternalism, censorship, dictatorship, lack of freedom. But in reality it’s just a mirror of what they build themselves – starting with the hope for a kind European/American uncle and ending with censorship, persecution of dissidents, mass and public denouncement, “to walk in rank and file, to tar all with the same brush” and with a ban on discontent.

You don’t like low wages and unemployment? You don’t like high prices and tariffs? You don’t like it when people are burnt alive? Then you’re the enemy, you must be exterminated!

How dare you, scoundrel, not to love our dear Porky, who came to power as a result of the most honest and democratic Maidan? What – you want to arrange against him a dishonest and undemocratic Maidan?

So, Turchynov unleashed on you all of the armed forces, he is not a spineless “tyrant” like Yanukovych, they are “real Democrats”, they will instantly kill all the discontented. The corresponding decision about the establishment of a structure to fight “anti-Maidan” in the framework of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine was made the other day.

And no Maidan pigs grunted about “criminal laws”, or about “tyranny”, or “restrictions”. Do you know why? Because they are the real slaves.

As one commentator put it, “It’s not the Maidan that was a revolution against slavery. It’s Yanukovych who tried to do something independent that does not coincide with the orders from the American Embassy, for which he was overthrown.”

“Conscious” slaves don’t accept the authorities that are trying to pursue an independent foreign policy. They are loyal to their American masters.

But this time their owners, again, turned out to be not good enough for them…


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