Wehrmacht Insignia – Ukrainian Nazi Vita Zaverukha’s New Facebook Cover Photo

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Vita Zaverukha changed her cover photo on the social network Facebook to an image of the Arch of Diversity in Kiev with a Nazi eagle sitting on top of it. This became known from her information on the social network.

Zaverukha herself hasn’t commented on the chosen picture in any way. However, in the comments many condemned such a choice.

Also on her avatar on Facebook two SS runes are visible on her neck.

As “Strana” reported, the nationalist Vita Zaverukha is suspected of participating in an impudent robbery of a WOG gas station and murdering two police officers in May, 2015, however in January of this year she was released on bail. Also she and her boyfriend Oles Chernyak on February 12th were beaten by activists from the radical group C14.

It should be noted that the overt Nazi Vita Zaverukha was released, even though she’s implicated in the murder of a police officer, but journalists like Dmitry Vasilets and Evgeny Timonin, whose only “crime” is advocating for peace in the Ukraine, remain in jail without charges or even a trial. These are the values that the White House brought to Ukraine…

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