Western Media’s Hysterics Over Russia’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Again, these Russians! The democratic world is gnashing its teeth with joy for the Russian coronavirus vaccine.

Bloomberg (USA): the Association of Clinical Trials Organisations called the Russian Covid-19 vaccine “Pandora’s box”. “‘Why are all corporations following the rules, but Russian ones aren’t? The rules for conducting clinical trials are written in blood. They can’t be violated,’ ACTO Executive Director Svetlana Zavidova said by phone. ‘This is a Pandora’s Box and we don’t know what will happen to people injected with an unproven vaccine’.”

Der Spiegel (Germany): Putin dreams of a “Sputnik moment”. “Autocratic countries, including Russia, are working hard to create a vaccine against coronavirus. At the same time, some phases of the trials are ignored, and scientists test the vaccines on soldiers and on themselves.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany): Coronavirus: an unexpected vaccine from Russia. The author talks about the Russian version of the vaccine designed to defeat the coronavirus. A number of doubts are expressed: how could Russia beat many competitors? For example, the work of scientists at the University of Oxford will not finish testing until the autumn. In Russia, the vaccine is already beginning to arrive to civil servants and doctors.

The Daily Telegraph (UK): the UK will do without the “unreliable” Russian coronavirus vaccine. British health experts believe that the United Kingdom is most likely not to use the Russian COVID-19 vaccine. According to the newspaper, experts are confused by the lack of information on how the Russian drug was tested.

The explanation is quite simple. The market for a coronavirus vaccine today is the whole world. Revenues from its implementation will amount to billions of dollars. The Russian Direct Investment Fund has already received applications for the purchase of 1 billion doses of the vaccine from more than 20 countries. And it must happen that the Russians were the first to develop it, and they will start distributing it for a penny or for free, which goes against the “principles” of democracy and the interests of democratic countries.

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Ah, and a small piquant moment. Several members of the Bloomberg-cited “Association of Clinical Trials Organisations” are developing their own vaccine… But of course, such a sharp statement can in no way be related to their interests, as we know this does not happen in a democracy…

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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