Western Propagandists Try to Convince Russians That They Are Not a Victorious Nation

Three days ago – just three days ago – I wrote about the historical wars that Western propagandists are waging against us. And here we are again …

At first, the German magazine Spiegel on Twitter writes that “Auschwitz was liberate by the Americans”.

They were, of course, quickly stuffed into a full Panama hat, and they were forced to delete the post and publish another one, along with an apology. But this is exactly the same “Overton window”, they try to see what will work.

It didn’t work this time. In a year they’ll try again.

Then “Radio Svoboda” published completely false material about the blockade of Leningrad.

“There was enough food in the city to save everyone from starvation. But the management distributed the products so that that part of the population, which was on special supply, received more than five times more products than dependents, children, and officials.”

Where is Roskomnadzor looking at the same time? Apparently, too busy blocking torrents, there is no time left to fight the falsification of history and the dissemination of knowingly false information.

On social media at the same time, a whole bunch of moral freaks post fake “memories of blockades”.

  • Raving about mass cannibalism;
  • Talking about banditry and theft (which, of course, existed, but were not defining);
  • Lying about the “mass dismissal of people, and unemployment meant starvation” (yes, yes, they were especially fired from military factories);
  • Inventing “Marshall Zhukov built a business on the exchange of food for jewels and works of art” (one might think that he had the time for this);
  • Calling the Road of Life “the road of death”.
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I’ve been doing all this for too long to believe in coincidence. That all this stream of “revelations” arose right now (when Putin started to open archives and publish the uncomfortable truth about “allies”) independently and spontaneously.

Rats and jackals were given a command, they gained a full mouth of brown substance and spat it out.

I’ve seen a lot of things that I can understand (but not forgive). However, dancing on the bones of prisoners of concentration camps and/or the blockade of Leningrad is something else.

This, citizens and comrades, is hysteria.

Using their last strength, they are trying to convince us that we are not a victorious nation; that there was no mass feat of the Soviet people; that we didn’t defeat Nazism; that our ancestors did not liberate concentration camps (and Europe as a whole), and in general, “WE OWE YOU NOTHING, DO YOU HEAR, UNTERMENSCH”; that we are criminal, evil, and not worthy of existing at all.

And what is most offensive for them, the Russians have oil and they know how to fight! And they persistently do not want to “pay and repent,” nor, I’m sorry, to “masterbate and weep” (this is from the neighbouring guidelines).

The more Truths about the past and present arise, the louder the howl in propaganda cesspits and social media.

Something needs to be done about it, all this flow of lies can’t be tolerated anymore. Maybe to revive article 58 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, or to re-introduce oprichnina. Or it’s possible to do the both.

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And the death penalty, for at least three days. In order to, as General Chernota said, “enroll in the Bolsheviks, slap the beast, and be discharged again”.

Let noble wrath boil over like a wave! This is the people’s war, a Sacred war!

Aleksandr Rodgers

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