Western Ukraine Galicia Is a Land of Cult of Nazism

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



And again to my assertion that nowhere were the Nazis met as enthusiastically as in Galicia. If you remember, some Galicians were offended by this and tried to argue.


The flame of glory will not be extinguished: the Day of the SS division “Galicia” in modern Lvov

Well, this is one more confirmation of my thesis – this time from the Galician Nazi newspaper “Sambirski Visti” from September 25th, 1941 the Galicians admit: “admirative sentiment towards Germans in Soviet Ukraine was significantly less than in the Western Ukrainian lands… it’s nothing surprising because Soviet Ukraine did not welcome German troops as the Galicians did”. Actually, it is what we had to prove. From the horse’s mouth, so to speak…


Along with this, Ukrainian Nazis reassure the audience, saying, do not worry, even behind the Zbruch collaborators could be found among the former Soviet officials and administrators – they can’t all consist of Jews and Russians (in the original, of course, other terms are used).


Well, if there is not a sufficient number of them, then, the authors from Galician Sambor write, “it could be possible to complement them with good forces from the West Ukrainian lands”. And it is exactly what the Germans did, actively bringing Galicians from the ranks of the OUN in their trucks to Kiev, Central Ukraine, and Donbass. They did not have enough collaborators in the East! Whilst in Galicia there was a surplus!

And here is the Declaration of a local Nazi administration to ban Jews from visiting fairs and markets. Ukrainian Nazis were actively adhering at the then understanding of “European culture and the new order of United Europe.”

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