In Western Ukraine a Gang of OUN Marauders Was Commemorated As “Fighters for the Independence of Ukraine”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

17/12/2017 Dolinsky

In Gorodok in the Lvov region a solemn commemoration of the participants of an armed robbery of a post office took place.

The robbery was carried out by members of OUN in 1932, where they stole a large sum of money. At the time two attackers died, and a worker of the post office and a police officer were killed. The attackers didn’t expect the post office workers to also have weapons.

The other attacks were found and two of them were executed for murder. A monument was established in Gorodok in their honour. On the monument the names of the participants of the robbery are listed, and it is written: “to the fighters for the freedom and independence of Ukraine”. It is claimed that the raid on the post office was an act in the fight for independence.

“As is known, Bandera and Shukhevych begun independent political activities by robbing the post office,” reminded Oles Buzina at the time. “They weren’t the first to have this progressive thought enter their mind. The youngsters only learned from their senior comrades in the Ukrainian Military Organization. When Bandera’s name had just started to ascend over the Carpathians, the glory of Julian Golovinsky – the creator of the ‘Flying Brigade‘, the legendary in criminal and nationalist circles unit that was supposed to get money for the party via raids and banditry – was already roaring.

Golovinsky is the son of a post office employee and a certain Theophila Shram, and served at first as an officer in the Austrian army, then in the Galician one, then in CUGA (Chervona Ukrainian Galician Army), and, having returned after military feats to his native land, entered the Ukrainian Military Organization and OUN. Among the ‘feats’ of his ‘brigade’ – consisting mainly of students – are the robbery of the central post office in Lvov in 1925, cash desks of the district administration in Dolyna, post  office transport vehicles near Bogorodchany, and dozens of other raids. They plundered widely — across all of Poland. Almost near the very German border — on the territory opposite Galicia, near Poznan”.

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