Does Western Ukraine Merely Pretend to Believe in God?

Translated by Ollie Richardson
Written by Alexey Karpushev

Recently the results of two social Ukrainian polls were published, conducted by the Sociological Service of the Razumkov Center, which, if the released numbers are to be believed, force us to think seriously about the moral guidelines (or lack thereof) of the determined part of inhabitants of Ukraine.

The first poll that I would like to draw attention to concerns the relation of the inhabitants of the “Independent” Ukraine to religion. According to the results, 70% of citizens of Ukraine declared themselves believers, 9% said that they are atheists, 10% were on the fence between belief and disbelief, indifferent to matters of faith, and have not yet determined their attitude to religion, 7% and 4% respectively. If you look at the results in terms of regions, it turns out that the most pious people live in the Western regions – 91% are believers, while 2% are atheists. Moreover, 88% of the population of this part of the country consider religion to be important.

As is known, one of the key commandments of the Bible is “thou shalt not kill”. This rule is an axiom in any normal society and not questioned, except by franky individual overtly extremist religious and political trends, which are officially condemned by the entire civilized world. It is considered that all sane people must adhere to it, regardless of whether they believe in God or not. However, it is especially believers, especially Christians, who should be an undoubted example to follow.

In this respect, the results of another poll according to which 56% of Ukrainian citizens oppose granting Donbass special status can’t but cause astonishment. And, as you can already guess, “pole position” was earned by West Ukrainian residents, 74% of which do not support this idea. It will be interesting to give some more numbers describing the relation of “Zapadenets” [people of Western Ukraine – ed] to the current political situation. Thus, 54% of them oppose amnesty for supporters of the People’s Republics, including those who did not participate in armed fighting, 68% crave a full economic and energy blockade of Donbass residents, and 59% want to revoke the citizenship of people who are against the illegal coup on “Maidan”.

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But it has long been known that the alternative to providing Donbass with special status and adhering to the Minsk agreements is war. This fact has been repeatedly voiced by prominent Western politicians from the EU, United States, and influential officials from the UN and the OSCE, as, in fact, did the leaders of Ukraine. It turns out that three-quarters of Western Ukrainian citizens are especially for the continuation of the war. This means that it is precisely for the further mass murder of “theirs” and “others” that these “Champions of Christianity” are advocating for…

Yes, indeed, the Orthodox religion not only never forbade protecting their native land, it’s homes and families with guns in hands, but also inspired the patriots who were fighting for the fatherland to heroic deeds. But what kind of relationship to real faith can people who send their sons for many hundreds of kilometers from their home to shoot houses, hospitals, and churches have?! Is it possible to suspect real, not in words, love of God, and moreover, to others, those who demand the continuation of the deaths of innocent children, women and old people only because they “dared” to express their point of view on the changes that have occurred in the country?! And most importantly, did the residents of Donbass who spoke out against fascism, in defense of their own worldview and language, and demanded only the respect of their rights, somehow threaten Lvov, Ternopil or Ivano-Frankovsk?!

Meanwhile, the number of children who became victims of UAF aggression in Donbass has already exceeded the terrible figure of 100… But the tears of Donbass mothers, unfortunately, mean nothing to some “god-fearing” Ukrainians.

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