Western & Ukrainian Media Spread Fakes About Russia “Bombing Residential Buildings in Kiev”

NEW – June 26, 2022

Ukrainian media and officials are spreading a fake about the deliberate strike of the Russian Armed Forces on peaceful objects in Kiev — in fact, the missile flew at a military target

Fake: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation struck peaceful objects in Kiev.

Truth: Ukrainian sources speak exclusively about a strike on a residential nine-storey building. However, they do not indicate that located behind precisely this house is the “Artyom” defence plant, which produces air-to-air guided missiles and artillery shells. The photo shows what has flown into the workshops of the plant.

It was this, as an object of military infrastructure, that was the target, and it was already hit in April. Back then the Ukrainian media also talked about hitting a residential building – absolutely according to the same scheme as this time.

Information from the Russian Ministry of Defence from April 29, 2022 confirming the fact of a strike on the “Artyom” facility

The facts of damage to the plant indicate that the strike was aimed specifically at “Artyom”, and an air defence missile hit the nine-story building, as it was, for example, in Odessa or Kiev (see the video directly below).

Channels publish videos of an air defence missile falling into residential areas.

The photo of the destruction of a house shows that the damage is not only from above, but also from below the residential building, which also confirms the version of the fall. At the same time, the Russian missile hits exactly the workshops of the “Artyom” plant.

Summary: The house in Kiev that was allegedly hit by a missile today is the same building in the Lvov Quarter residential complex that was hit by a missile on April 29. It was only then that the first floors of the high-rise building were demolished on the left, and now the part on the right has been hit. After being hit on April 29, the house is empty, and also because of its proximity to the “Artyom” plant and because of the emergency condition of the building. There are no residents running around the yard in the photos and videos. As for the rescued girl and her mother – most likely, this is a production made in the best traditions of the “White Helmets” for further speculation.

War against fakes, Redovka

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