What Consequences Await the Junta in Kiev After an Anti-Corruption Case Was Opened Against Turchynov?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



One of the former leaders of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office described to the “Ukraina.ru” publication what consequences await the current representatives of the Ukrainian authorities in connection with the investigation that was started by the National Bureau of Ukraine concerning the secretary of the Security Council Aleksandr Turchynov…

The Solomensky district court of Kiev satisfied the claim of Renat Kuzmin and obliged National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine to resume the investigation concerning the embezzlement of billions by Aleksandr Turchynov.

What should be expected from the investigation of NABU into Turchynov?

“The urgent carrying out of initial investigative actions should be expected from NABU, namely: searches at the residence and work place of Turchynov and Lukyanchuk [Ruslan; a deputy from Tymoshenko’s party who allegedly jointly owns a business with Turchynov – ed] (the search at the place of Shepelev was already carried out); dismissal of all persons from their posts for the period of the investigation; the establishment of the location of the property belonging to them, their bank accounts – including abroad, arresting their property; confiscation and studying of printouts of their telephone negotiations, traffic, SMS, and electronic correspondence, etc; extracting information from the communication channels of all persons involved in crimes; interrogations of Turchynov, Lukyanchuk, Shepelev, employees of ‘Rodovid Banka‘, employees of the State Financial Monitoring Service, carrying out witness confrontations between them; establishment and interrogations of all possible witnesses and eyewitnesses of crimes, as well as witness confrontations between them; confiscation and addition to the criminal case of the bank and accounting documents confirming the facts of embezzlement and the withdrawal of money into an offshore, confiscation and studying of all documentation on this matter that is in the State Financial Monitoring Service; appointment of a judicial and accounting examination; confiscation in the State Border Service and the studying of documents on borders crossings by persons involved; requests to Interpol, FBI, the US Department of Justice, and Europol for help in the investigation; sending the corresponding international instructions and inquiries, including in foreign banking institutions…

And this is just to start with. But if what was enumerated above isn’t done, it will mean that NABU simply covers criminals, which in turn means that it will be necessary to kick out both Sytnik [Artem; director of NABU – ed] and all his team. By the way, criminal liability for concealment of crimes hasn’t yet been cancelled, and this means that Sytnik stands every chance of being put behind bars together with persons involved in this case… after a change of power [government – ed].”

What destiny awaits Shepelev?

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“Shepelev has a very ambiguous reputation. At different times criminal cases about the commission of serious crimes were brought against him, however, any conviction was pronounced in them. However his ill-wishers treated the former deputy, it should be noted that Shepelev possesses information that is very dangerous for many, both for those who are now in power and for former high-ranking corrupt officials.

He claims that he personally withdrew into offshore accounts hundreds of millions of dollars for Turchynov and Lukyanchuk; that he personally bribed the Prosecutor-General Lutsenko; that Poroshenko, Yanukovych, Lutsenko, and Pshonka are in cahoots; and that to this day all of them are one team.

Shepelev claims that he knows a lot about the persons actually responsible for the shooting of people on Maidan in 2014… Generally, too many influential people are interested in Shepelev being silenced forever, and this means that there are serious grounds to be afraid for his life and health.”

Will this investigation touch Tymoshenko?

“The Ukrainian authorities will do everything to discredit Tymoshenko before the upcoming presidential elections, and it means that Shepelev’s case, as well as Turchynov’s case, can be used against her.

Like, by the way, Ruban’s case. It’s not a coincidence, after all, that the Prosecutor-General Lutsenko summoned Nadezhda Savchenko for questioning on this case. I recall that she was in first place on the electoral list of the ‘Bloc of Tymshenko’ at the last parliamentary elections.

There is no doubt that Savchenko possesses information about the crimes committed in the ATO zone by the authorities in power, and also information about who in reality stood behind the shooting of people on Maidan. This information can not only cross out Poroshenko’s plans to be re-elected for a second presidential term, but also to bring both him and influential members of its team to the dock.

Apparently, these people are interested in finishing off both Tymoshenko and Savchenko with one strike, and it means that in the near future the General-Prosecutor’s Office attacking Tymoshenko and Savchenko is inevitable…”

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