What Every Citizen of Ukraine Should Realise in 2023

NEW – February 11, 2023

1. “Maidan” does not happen by the will of the people, coups are created by third countries.

2. The people never go anywhere [to protest/riot – SZ] themselves, the people are brought out (for money, for an imaginary idea, under fear, etc., the people themselves, by definition, are an impersonal mass). Your standard of living has been going into the abyss since 2014. Have you come out for a new Maidan? No. And you never will. You’ve never come out yourselves before. You were brought out.

3. Ukrainian society is completely corrupt, from the cradle to grey hair. Corruption has become a “national treasure” of Ukrainians, because you are ruled by America and the West is a hotbed of global corruption. Therefore, it is useless to record angry videos of how deputies steal, how commanders at the front steal. It’s useless – because you’re stealing everything. Both deputies and commanders did not come from outer space, they came from you, from the grassroots, from the people. Residents of Crimea after 2014, when they became part of Russia, for a very long time could not get used to the fact that, it turns out, you can live honestly, without “kickbacks, gifts and payouts”. Just as residents of the Russian Zaporozhye and Kherson are now getting used to living honestly and in a civilised way.

4. The people cannot rise up on their own to revolt. You are caught like cattle and sent to the front as meat. Your angry videos on the Internet are absolutely useless. You will never overthrow either Zelensky or the deputies yourself, because, see point #2 and #1. But, this does not mean that you do not need to resist. Read to the end. Thoughtfully.

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5. There has never been, is not and never will be a “Ukrainian nation”. There is a Ukrainian nationality of the Russian world, Russian civilisation.

6. The US and Europe consider Ukrainians to be Russians because the Ukrainian people are Russians. That is exactly why Washington developed and implemented the plan when, in 1991, it cut off a part of the Russian nation from Russia, called this piece “Ukraine” and started to make a “Ukrainian nation” out of it. Such plans were made repeatedly: a piece was cut off from China and named Taiwan, a piece was cut off from India and named Pakistan, a piece was cut off from Serbia and named Kosovo, a piece was cut off from Korea and named South Korea, etc. Divide and rule.

7. The task of the USA and Europe is to destroy Russia via the hands of Ukrainians. To do this, by 2014 they had finished making Ukrainians out of Russians, made a coup in Kiev and officially proclaimed Banderist Nazism. You were sent to kill Russians in Donbass who did not agree to become Ukrainians. And you have been doing this for 9 years and continue to do it. But, since 2022, you have been met with resistance and punishment has reached you, and continues to reach you to this moment, and will reach you until the complete destruction of Banderist Ukraine.

8. You will never become Europe. Because a European is an egoist who values his life above his Motherland. During the Second World War, almost all European countries immediately capitulated to the threat. Russians died and fought, died and fought, died and fought to Victory. Because the Russian values their Motherland above all else. If you were Europeans, Ukraine would have capitulated on the second day after the first mass salvo of Russian “kalibr”. But, you have been forced to fight for a year because you are Russians. Zombified by Ukrainian fascism, deprived of honour, dignity, historical memory, but Russians nevertheless. It is precisely and ONLY FOR THIS REASON that the United States and Europe continue to supply you with weapons. They understand perfectly well that Russia’s victory over Banderist Ukraine is inevitable, that’s why they give you weapons so that Russia will destroy you all, because you are Russians.

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9. If you have realised these points, start resisting the USA, Europe and Ukrainian fascism wherever you can, by ANY methods and means. Help Russia to defeat Ukrainian fascism in any way you can. Help Russia to stop everyone who supplies weapons to Ukrainian fascism. With words on the Internet, with deeds in reality. If you remember that you are Russian, start fighting for Russia!!

10. If you are at the front, surrender immediately, this is the only way to save your life.

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