“What Happened?”: BBC Russian Service About the Sinking of the Navalny Protests

The BBC’s Russian service is perplexed: What happened? Why did Leonid Volkov, who is abroad, call for an end to the weekly protests? And most importantly, why did everyone listen to him?

Strange people who speak Russian with their mouth, but are not able to understand what is obvious to any outside observer:

  • The modern “revolutionist” is mostly sofa-like, afraid of the Russian winter and frosts, they are no longer attracted to public arrest, even on camera.
  • The modern “revolutionist” is mainly online, where they win every time and everywhere. If they suddenly lose in a network game, they always know that they can restart the game and start over.
  • A modern network “revolutionist”, faced with reality, immediately passes everyone and everything under the camera.
  • Navalny is all there is, there are no more leaders and there are no plans. His fate, as having received a real term, for the network winner is an example of an epic failure and the inability to simply restart the “game”.
  • Volkov is not a leader, but only a safety-net excuse to demonstrate “party” discipline, like saying: we do not abandon, we move on to the next stage of wobbling the regime.

In short, we must pay tribute to Volkov: he felt that the protest completely stalled and turned on his voice acting in time (listen to the podcast):

“…further, if we just go out every week, then we will get thousands more arrested and hundreds beaten up, and the work of the headquarters will be paralysed, and it will be impossible to work on elections, well, as if for nothing. This is not what we want, this is not what Aleksey asks of us.”

Well done Volkov, you hit the nail on the head. If everyone is arrested, the air will be filled with the snot and apologies of traitors to the ideals of “revolution”.

The question of the price remains unsolved, formulated very intricately: “it will be impossible to work on the elections, well, as if for nothing.”

This requires decryption.

As far as I understand, the grant eaters and donors under theAnti-corruption Foundation screen have no problems replenishing their overseas wallet, but there is a serious problem of delivering carrots to every couch of the “revolutionary”, in order to enable them to motivate themselves to lift their ass off the couch. This rotten theme was masterfully managed by Navalny, every time, after receiving a large sum, filling the world’s beaches with his athletic boobs.

It seems that such a privilege was cut off for Volkov immediately after the verdict of Navalny, and “just like that” no modern “revolutionist” is ready to shake the regime. Here Volkov made a mistake, that’s why he’s not a leader. The same Navalny always masterfully avoided the topic that he shakes the regime for money, and about the tanned tits of his body he preferred to stupidly become a deaf-mute idiot. And after all, it always worked, because he’s the leader.

P. S.: in the course of the ridiculous “What happened?” mouth discussions, the BBC came to one conclusion – we certainly need to increase foreign sanctions, which, however, there is no result. In the same way as there is no sense in the financial flows to the Russian “revolution” – something that from year to year easily worked everywhere, except in Russia and those places where it [Russia – ed] involved itself. Amen to that.

Aleksandr Dubrovsky

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