What Happened in Donetsk on March 14, 2022

NEW – March 14, 2022

What is known at the moment?

Tod ay, at approximately 11:30, a missile strike was launched on the center of Donetsk by the Tochka-U tactical missile system. The rocket was fired from UAF positions near the city of Krasnoarmeysk (its new name is Pokrovsk), which is located approximately 55 km from Donetsk in a straight line. This missile system belongs to the 19th separate Missile Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which has a permanent deployment point in the city of Khmelnitsky.

The missile was equipped with a cluster warhead, which contains 50 fragmentation warheads weighing 7.45 kg, each of which contains 316 fragments. The mass of the head part alone is 482 kg, the total number of fragments is 15,800. The detonation of the central charge and the opening of the warhead is initiated by a radio sensor at an altitude of 2250m . The affected area is from 3.5 to 7 hectares. Such a combat unit is intended only for the destruction of manpower and unarmored equipment located in an open area.

That is, if the goal was to destroy the Governmental House, then a rocket would not be used with a cluster head, but, for example, with a high-explosive fragmentation, which could cause maximum damage to the building. Therefore, the target was peaceful people, ordinary passers-by, of whom there were a large number on the street at that time. Universitetskaya Street and Pushkin Boulevard suffered the most. These are exactly the streets of the centre of Donetsk, where there are always a lot of people and public places.

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I have repeatedly said that for all these eight years, the military and political leadership of Ukraine has been using American scorched earth tactics. This tactic implies inflicting maximum damage to civilian infrastructure in order to achieve the maximum number of deaths and injuries among the civilian population. Thus, the Americans in all the conflicts where they took part, and now the Ukrainians have been using this tactic all these years in Donbass in order to distract front-line soldiers from thoughts of war and effective resistance to the enemy. According to their plan, fighting men should think and worry only about their families in the rear, who are dying from shelling, then these men will not be able to be effective warriors. It may work with someone in other countries, but not with Russians. The Russians are only getting angrier and more determined at the front.

After today’s terrorist attack – and I will not call it otherwise – there are no more lines left between the Nazi bastards from the punitive battalions and the militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. There are not the slightest facets anymore.

At the moment, 20 dead and 28 injured local residents have been confirmed, among whom there are wounded children. However, the figure may increase, as the fragments penetrated into the apartments on the above-mentioned streets. Some of the wounded were taken from the apartments, but there may be apartments that have not yet been examined.

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There is no longer a safe rear and dangerous frontline zone in Donetsk. Now Donetsk is a solid frontline zone, where death can overtake on any piece of land. It is very good that residents of Donetsk and other settlements, mostly children, were evacuated in advance. And everyone else needs to be careful. It’s not for me to talk about it — every resident here for eight years has long understood what’s what.

Daniil Bezsonov, First Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR

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