What Happened on 23.04.2022 in Odessa?

NEW – April 24, 2022

In the afternoon, there were reports on the Internet that Russian missiles had arrived in Odessa. Immediately there were photos of residential buildings, high-rise buildings, including columns of smoke. By the way, Ukrainians seem to have been banned from posting the results of missile strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces, but there are just a bunch of photos from all sides.

Zelensky, Gerashchenko, and Arestovich immediately stated that Russia had fired “Kalibr” at the residential houses of Ukrainians.

But here’s what really happened…

The logistics terminal at the Shkolny military airfield near Odessa, where a large batch of foreign weapons received from the United States and European countries was stored, was disabled this [April 23rd] afternoon by high-precision Kh-101 missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation reports.

Five missiles hit the target, and one was shot down by Ukrainian air defences. Ukrainians immediately posted photos of the hit on social networks:

The fragments of the rocket hit a residential building.

If we look at the map of military facilities that are located next to the “Tiras” residential complex next to which the strike occurred, we can see that the nearest military airfield is only 6.5 kilometres away. Such facilities are usually covered by air defence systems.

Apparently, the anti-aircraft gunners of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired at one of the missiles, but either missed or hit it, but the fragments fell nearby into a residential building.

Pay attention to the damage. If a Kh-101 rocket with a warhead of 400 kg of explosives had hit this house, then half of the house would have disappeared, it would have turned out like the administration in Nikolaev, for example. Like this:

Look, as a result of the blast wave, all the windows in the building were shattered, which is clearly not observed in Odessa. This means that there was no detonation of ammunition and explosion in Odessa. There was the arrival of massive parts with fuel residues.

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And here is the location of the Odessa airfield, where Ukrainians were sending weapons and ammunition received from Western “partners”.

Probably they thought that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation would look at how tanks, howitzers, grenade launchers, MANPADS, etc. are delivered to Ukraine by mountains and going to Donbass?

P.S. Exactly the same situation was in Kiev, when a Ukrainian air defence missile went off course and hit a residential building, and the Ukrainian authorities initially told everyone that it was a Russian missile.

Kiev: All Ukrainian media stated that this was a Russian “Kalibr”, but…

Although what is there to talk about when hiding behind residential buildings with an unevacuated population is normal practice for the UAF:

Severodonetsk, 122-mm howitzers D-30 of the UAF in residential areas (presumably a school yard)
Soldiers of the 92nd Brigade are hiding behind the backs of civilians.
Kharkov, Solechny micro-district, 308th house.

There are dozens of such examples. People are probably freaking out watching their army standing under the window of the house, hiding or trying to fire at Russian troops from there.


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