“What Independence?”: Ukrainian Public Figures Confirm That Ukraine Is Under America’s Control

In the western media one may often read that Russia is an “aggressor” based on unsubstantiated claims, and that in 2014 the “gas station masquerading as a country” decided to attack Ukraine and occupy its territory, despite the OSCE not having any proof of Russian regular troops being present on the territory of its neighbour. For some reason Russia didn’t go to Kiev, and limited itself to 1/3 of the territory of Donbass, but anyway… Whilst a lot of attention is given to what Russia may or may not have done, almost nothing… well, actually nothing at all… is said about America’s role in what happened in 2014 in Ukraine, and instead Washington is presented as the knight in shining armour who came to the aid of a damsel in distress, like a typical Marvel comic narrative.

But it turns out that after spending 5 years under the boot of the American gauleiter, on the eve of the 2019 elections Ukrainians themselves are debunking NATO propaganda more and more often, and more and more openly, thus creating a destruction feedback loop in the West’s psychological warfare algorithm.

Here is a selection of recent Facebook posts from prominent Ukrainian public figures concerning what the US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch said just 24 hours earlier.

Ukrainian political strategist Andrey Golovachev:

“…if someone thinks that the transition of Ukraine under full American control is good, they are naive. Any control, no matter what noble goals it sets, always means the recognition of the insolvency of the controlled country, as well as the deepening of the split through the ‘patriots’-‘collaborators’. And recognition of insolvency, i.e. failed state, if it lasts for a long time, can put on the agenda the question of territorial claims. That’s how it all happened with the [Polish-Lithuanian – ed] Commonwealth. And our elite is painfully reminiscent of the irresponsible and selfish Polish gentry”.

Ukrainian lawyer Yury Ivashchenko:

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“The US Ambassador Yovanovitch demanded to dismiss the head of SAP Kholodnitsky. Let’s in addition ask madam ambassador to demand to repair roads and replace elevators in apartment blocks. Yes. I nearly forgot about a hole with the depth of a dump truck in Poltava on the ring road. Well, it is really inconvenient to drive along here.

Madam ambassador probably kinda forgot that the European democratic values, concerning which so much is said in our country, don’t allow the clerk of a foreign state to interfere in the sovereign affairs of another state”.

Ukrainian former Central Election Commission deputy head Andrey Magera:

“In connection with the recent speech of the US Ambassador in Ukraine, I suggest to supplement the Constitution of Ukraine with Article 147-1 with the following contents: ‘The supreme body of the constitutional jurisdiction in Ukraine is the Ambassador of the United States of America’.”

Ukrainian politician in Odessa Dmitry Spivak:

“The US Ambassador Yovanovitch recommended (!!!) to the Ukrainian authorities to dismiss the head of the Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office Kholodnitsky. Bankova Street started to ponder. If an order was received, then it is necessary to carry it out…

No, no, this isn’t external management at all. What are you talking about? This is just western friends caring about you and I and about the fight against corruption. Nothing more.

After all, it is normal practice in inter-state relations when the ambassador of another country openly interferes in the personnel policy and internal affairs of an independent state. After all, it’s not Russia. All of this is for the sake of democracy…

By the way, and madam ambassador sees only Kholodnitsky as the one responsible for corruption in Ukraine? It means that other participants of the process are out of the suspicions of our ‘senior comrades’? Funny.

What do you think, are there other countries in Europe that allow themselves to be humiliated like this? I am personally ashamed for Ukraine. I would hand to this lady a note of protest and demand to never again interfere if lady ambassador does not want to leave our country ahead of time.

But something tells me that our authorities will once again cave in. And here is all our independence…”

Ukrainian journalist Vyacheslav Chechilo:

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“The US Ambassador already without any shame distributes instructions to the Ukrainian authorities. The dependence of Ukraine on the US is now tens times more than Ukraine’s dependence on Russia at the time of Yanukovych. Nevertheless, back then people with good faces were terribly indignant at ‘Ukraine’s loss of its independence’. Now they are not indignant. Moreover, it is often possible to hear reproaches to the US Embassy that they govern Ukraine insufficiently rigidly.

How are such things possible? Where did the whole people who ‘chose freedom’ on Maidan disappear to?

Of course, it didn’t disappear anywhere. It sits and drinks a smoothie. Initially it wasn’t at all about independence or freedom. It was about the ‘kind’ [America – ed] and ‘mean’ [Russia – ed] master. And if the ‘kind master’ raises his fist, then it means that he loves and there is no need to be indignant at it”.

What, you will say that they are all “agents of the Kremlin”? That they were paid by Putin to write these posts? Well how to explain Joe Biden’s “son of a bitch” comment when boasting about how he removed the Prosecutor-General once? The US flag outside the SBU office? An American being on the board of “Ukroboronprom”? The acting Minister of Healthcare having US citizenship? Americans managing the Ukrainian postal service? The list can go on and on and on and on…

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