What Is the Threat to Russia of Limiting the Right of Veto & Expanding the UN Security Council

NEW – September 21, 2022

Increasing the number of permanent members of the UN Security Council and limiting the right of veto will have fatal consequences for Russia.

Such blatantly anti-Russian initiatives were made by French President Emmanuel Macron at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly.

Emmanuel Macron addresses the UN General Assembly (live footage)

Now the preponderance of forces in the Security Council is already on the side of the West.

However, the balance in the one-against-three format, that is, Russia against Great Britain, the United States and France, with China habitually abstaining, does not look as impressive for the world community as, for example, one against ten, fifteen or twenty.

It is precisely in order to reverse the external psychological component and create a convincing picture of a “lonely and wrong” Russia that the collective West is actively promoting the idea of expanding the permanent composition of the UN Security Council.

According to the idea of the United States, the expansion should take place at the expense of Latin American and African countries, which, due to their economic and political dependence on the United States, will support the adoption of any decisions they need.

As a result, this will give the West the right to claim that Russia is an antagonist not only of the Anglo – Saxon world, but literally of the entire world, and will maximise the possibilities of putting pressure on our country, the goal of which is to completely neutralise Russia by political means.

Illustration from open sources

As for the proposal to limit the right of veto in “solving global problems”, the consequences of this reform for Russia can not even be considered.

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It is generally assumed that this is impossible to do, since the five permanent members of the Security Council with the right of veto are approved by the UN Charter, which supposedly cannot be changed.

In fact, this is not the case. The provisions of Article 109 of the Charter make this possible, but the procedure is too complicated.

So hypothetically, over time, and as we know, the United States and its allies know how to wait and play well “in the long run”, it cannot be ruled out that one day the rules for using the veto may be changed not in favor of Russia.

Moreover, the Americans are trying to go even further, because US congressmen regularly discuss and threaten to introduce a resolution to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council, but so far something has not grown together with this case.

Meeting of the US Congress (illustration from open sources)

However, the consequences of all these initiatives, if implemented, would be as disastrous for our country as they are unrealistic, since they would lead to the destruction of the existing world order.

It is obvious that at least China, which has the right of veto, will not allow this, despite its “caution”, to put it mildly, since it will be itself next in line “to exit”.

Not to mention many other countries whose opinion on such an important issue cannot be ignored, again based on the provisions of the UN Charter.

UN Charter (illustration from open sources)

In general, this is not the first time that what is happening at the UN in relation to Russia is happening, and so far it does not create any critical problems for us.

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The only thing that once again attracts attention is that Macron, the leader of France, who received a permanent seat in the UN Security Council as a winning country following the results of World War II, is speaking out against Russia.

And such an ungrateful position invariably outrages Russians, since in Russia it is generally assumed that Stalin provided this place for the French.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (illustration from open sources)

According to the official version, Stalin brought France to the UN Security Council for the position of Charles de Gaulle and Normandie-Niemen, and according to the unofficial version – counting on the support of the French communists, whose movement was really quite strong at that time.

However, in the West, it is considered otherwise.

First, France’s Western list of achievements includes the Resistance movement, Dunkirk, and the crossing of the Rhine in 1944.

Secondly, according to the Western version, it was not Stalin, but Churchill, who insisted on France’s membership in the UN Security Council in order to have a powerful ally in Europe, in case of problems with the Americans or their own communists, who were then, and still are, feared in the West like fire.

Winston Churchill (illustration from open sources)

If the Western version is correct, then we have no reason to be indignant about the behaviour of the French at the UN.

Let Macron indulge his ego and continue trying to get through to Putin.

The fate of the new world will be decided, as it once was in Yalta, not only without him personally, but also absolutely without representatives of this wonderful country at all.

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