What Kind of Weapon “Blazing Sun” Is & Why Russia’s Enemies Are So Afraid of It

NEW – June 6, 2022

Let’s imagine that the enemy army is trapped somewhere in the mountains, where the terrain is very difficult – basins, gorges, ledges, ravines, etc.

What is this weapon "Solntsepek" and why are the enemies of Russia so afraid of it?

Plus, the enemy also dug in well – they dug trenches, dugouts and even underground tunnels:

What is this weapon "Solntsepek" and why are the enemies of Russia so afraid of it?

Naturally, it will be very difficult to knock them out from such positions. It’s necessary to have perfect accuracy in firing, because even if a powerful projectile falls a little further from the target, the uneven terrain will smooth out the shock wave and protect from shrapnel.

What is this weapon "Solntsepek" and why are the enemies of Russia so afraid of it?
Black text – “fragmentation and blast wave”; red text – “arrival of a projectile”

And that’s where heavy flamethrower systems (TOS) come to the rescue. The first such system (TOS-1) was called “Buratino” and was created back in 1979.


Already in the 2000s, on the basis of “Buratino”, the TOS-1A, which was called “Blazing Sun“, was created. In terms of external differences, it has only one: instead of 30 launch “tubes”, the designers used 24. Compare the picture above and below:

"Солнцепёк" – количество пусковых направляющих уменьшено с 30 до 24

At the same time, the characteristics of “Blazing Sun” have been improved, but in general the systems are similar and that’s what their principle of operation is.

How does “TOS” work

We have already talked about MLRS and vacuum bombs. Thus, “TOS” is approximately in the middle between these two types of weapons

Each of the 24 flamethrower missiles has such a device:

Что это за оружие "Солнцепёк" и почему его так боятся враги России
Labels from left to right: “engine” – “detonator” – “explosive mixture”

First, the missile is delivered to the target using a jet engine.

Что это за оружие "Солнцепёк" и почему его так боятся враги России
Arrival of projectile

But when it hits the terrain, unlike other projectiles, the missile does not explode immediately. Instead, it sprays the explosive mixture in the form of an aerosol (that is, microscopic droplets suspended in the air).

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It turns out something like a cloud of explosive gas:

Что это за оружие "Солнцепёк" и почему его так боятся враги России
Aerosol cloud

The cloud expands and fills all the terrain irregularities, trenches, dugouts, etc.

What is this weapon "Solntsepek" and why are the enemies of Russia so afraid of it?
Aerosol cloud

And after that, the detonator is triggered, which ignites this combustible cloud. Well, just like in the picture:

The aerosol is ignited

One salvo of “Blazing Sun” covers 40,000 square meters with a cloud. It’s like 6 football fields. And this whole area explodes at the same time.

Сравнительные размеры стадиона и 40 000 м2
Football pitch comparison

The gigantic temperature penetrates into all trenches and shelters. Destroys equipment, buildings, manpower. But the temperature is still half the trouble.

The most powerful explosive wave (they say that only an atomic bomb is stronger than it) spreads much further than the specified 40,000 m2.

And if it happens in the mountains, then it’s even worse for the enemy – in a limited space, the explosive waves are repeatedly reflected from the rocks and intersect… In short, it turns out to be real hell.

No one else in the world has such flamethrower systems. How many of them Russia has is classified information. But the fact that they are used in all conflicts (starting with Afghanistan and ending with nowadays) is absolutely certain.

In addition, the TOS-2 was demonstrated at the 2020 parade – it is called “Tosochka” [Little TOS – SZ].

Such an affectionate name was chosen because the usual TOS-1 and TOS-1A are located on the base of a T-72 tank:

Вот то что снизу – это танк

But “Tosochka” is already moving on wheels. This makes it much faster and more manoeuvrable, which is very important: the system must shoot back and quickly change positions so as not to get a “response”.

"Тосочки" на параде

Cons of “TOS”

The main disadvantage of these systems is the firing range, which does not exceed 6 kilometres. For comparison, “Grad” MLRS has a range of 24 km, and, for example, “Tornado-S” MLRS has a range of 120 km.

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That is, with “Blazing Sun” or “Tosochka” it’s necessary to get as close to the enemy as possible. it won’t be possible to act from afar.

It follows that “TOS” requires additional fire support (with tanks, for example). Moreover, this equipment does not have any serious armour.

However, even in spite of such a significant minus, “TOS” remains one of the most formidable weapons. It is said that when the enemy finds out that “TOS” is being used against them – they direct all their forces at it. All cannon artillery, MLRS, tanks, etc.

This suggests that “TOS” creates very serious problems. Well, it’s no wonder… No one would want to get 40,000 m2 of burning hell.

I explain using fingers

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