What Really Happened in Bucha

NEW – April 4, 2022

Aleksandr Kots:

“So you got caught, gentlemen of the [Ukrainian] psychological warfare centre, with your production in Bucha, for the sake of which you killed those whom you considered agents of the ‘occupiers’. They got caught on their own video.

Now this video is being distributed in the Ukrainian segment, in which it is claimed that in one of the buildings in Bucha, the Russians made a torture chamber in which people were shot.

As I wrote in a previous post, locals (not all, but many) during the presence of Russian troops, just in case, attached to themselves white rags or ribbons on their sleeves. It was our identification sign -‘on your side, don’t shoot’. For the Ukrainian military, respectively, this sign means ‘enemy’.

And now pay attention to the screen, 22 seconds in, on the body on the left is the same Russian identification mark. Having entered Bucha, the territorial battalions grabbed people, dragged them into the basement, tortured them to find out information and shot them for ‘cooperation’ with Russian troops.

And now they are passing off the people they killed as victims of Russian aggression. And the world believes them. It pretends to believe. A fantastic hoax!

Here’s more evidence. The bodies in Bucha with white bandages are the identification mark of the Russians. The UAF fired at people, not sorting out whether they had weapons or not. The main thing is that they are wearing white armbands, which means they are an enemy. Ukrainian journalists, open your eyes. It was not Russian troops who crushed the civilians of Bucha. These are your valiant territorial battalions.”


“I’ve been reading all day about Srebrenica 2.0, which allegedly the Ukrainian Bucha became. I read in the Western media, on the official accounts of Ukrainian departments, on the social networks of Bosniaks and even ‘Russians’ who are ashamed.

‘Now we have the Srebrenica of the 21st century’ – this is how the found graves and footage from the streets of the city are presented, without even trying to figure out what really happened near Kiev. The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine posts a video marked ‘New Srebrenica’. The thesis is immediately picked up by the world media – here in the Balkans, as always, Al Jazeera Balkans has especially succeeded in this.

NGOs are also being involved – for example, the Memorial Center in Potočari is already talking about the untapped lessons of the past. And human rights defenders of Human Rights Watch traditionally prepared in advance – a report about ‘unspeakable, deliberate cruelty and violence against Ukrainian civilians’ was very conveniently rolled out at night. And against the background of all this, Brussels, represented by Charles Michel, is already promising to provide NGOs with all possible assistance in collecting evidence for the international tribunal.

Exactly according to the same scenario, the concept of the ‘genocide in Srebrenica’ was developed in 1995. As a result, Yugoslavia was definitively torn to pieces, and the Bosnian Serb leaders and President Milosevic were awaiting a tribunal. Then, of course, it turned out that there was no ‘genocide’, and a good half of the materials were simply fabricated. But who feels better about it?

Even when the report of the independent commission was presented with the conclusions that what was happening in Srebrenica could not be qualified as ‘genocide’, no one, of course, began to revise anything. I am already silent about the abundance of youth schools opened over the years and cultural events held, at which the younger generation was popularly explained what the ‘collective fault’ of the Serbian people was.

And now look again at the eagerness with which they are now trying to draw parallels with the events of July 1995. Answer yourself the question ‘why’. And please draw conclusions.”

Andrey Medvedev:

“Why did the provocation happen in Bucha? Not in Irpen? Not in Gostomel. Why not the highway to Lvov? Did civilians die there? Yes. But Bucha was chosen because Western technologists (we know how many of them are involved in the work to support Kiev) are smart people (unlike our various turbo patriots who shout about stupid Yankees).

So Bucha is consonant with the English ‘butcher’. And this wordplay Western media will now begin to use and twist it with might and main. If not already. Because in the media there are also people who are not stupid, they have a stuffed hand, a cynical and skilful eye. I wrote two days ago – the man in the street does not analyse, does not have critical thinking, he lives by emotions, and how the guppy fish reacts to food.

Besides, nothing new is happening right now. All this was in Aleppo – the Russians are gassing the Syrians, in Srebrenica, as a colleague [Rybar] rightly recalls, although back then the Serbs were the bad guys, it was in the First and Second companies in Chechnya – the Russians kill everyone indiscriminately. It was before the Crimean War in 1853 – the Russians were killing wounded Turkish sailors with hooks. In short, the technology is nothing new.

That’s why it’s doubly annoying. Because all this, all this provocation could have been prevented. Just record the streets of Bucha and other cities on video when our troops left from there. This is an information war. It is conducted like this. Tactics and strategy as in conventional warfare, the means are different.

Now actually about what could have happened in Bucha. Aleksandr Kots described everything correctly and in detail. And I agree with him. After our Nazis left, they just came and killed those who were suspected of helping the Russian military. Or at least in sympathy with them. The people killed are now called victims of Russian aggression. Let’s go back to Srebrenica again. There, the West recorded as victims of terrible Serbian thugs, including Serbs who were destroyed by Bosnian militants.

That is, the situation is being copied now. Here is a video where a ukronazi kills a Russian soldier with a knife. And the West does not see this video at all. Because f*ck it. Well, besides, ‘they didn’t kill a man, but some Russian,’ a Western journalist argues to himself. And there is a video where the dead people are lying on the streets of a military city. ‘The Russians did it,’ the same Western media tell us, although there is not a single shred of proof. Well, because who else could be guilty, except the Russians. And besides, it is necessary that everyone forget as soon as possible (well, who suddenly saw in the West) about the atrocities of the Ukrainian Nazis. And for this we need to say again that the Russians are even worse. Well, that is, absolutely.

That’s what we have to learn once and for all. Our fault is that we are not them, that we are Russians. And we must conduct the entire information war, taking into account their perception of us, our country and their attitude towards us.

And I will also remind you all of the story of the village of Koriša – Masakra e Krushës in Albanian. When NATO planes bombed Albanian refugees, which NATO was protecting, with cluster munitions.

So, despite all the evidence that these were Alliance planes, Western media reported that the refugees were killed by Serbian special forces. And when it became impossible to deny it – the Serbs published interceptions of the pilots’ negotiations – Javier Solana said that it was still the Serbs’ fault.

Because it was the Serbian military who used Kosovo refugees in the village of Koriša as a human shield. And the village, of course, was the command post of the Serbian army – in fact, no, the troops were several kilometres away, the Albanians would not have entered the village where the Serbs were standing – because NATO was for legitimate purposes, and the blood of refugees is still on the Serbs.

In short. Now we are waiting for about the same story. No less brazen, no less absurd. And completely predictable. The conclusion (too obvious, but there will be no other): it’s time to start working ahead of time. The first to strike information strikes. The conflict of the new generation. ‘The psyche of warring nations is the fourth dimension’.”

Daniil Bezsonov:

“Ukrainian Nazi Sergey ‘Botsman’ Korotkov deleted his video from Bucha with the words: ‘And there are guys without blue armbands — can I shoot at them? – And then, of course!’.”

According to the National Police of Ukraine, a sweep is underway in Bucha from “saboteurs” and those whom they consider to be accomplices of the Russian Federation.

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Does anyone else have any doubts about where those shot with white armbands on their sleeves came from in the streets and basements, who the West is trying to pass off as victims of Russia?

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