What the Liberal Media Won’t Talk About: The Real Picture of the Coronavirus in Russia & the World

Following the Financial Times and the New York Times, our “democratic” media decided how to react to the abnormally low coronavirus mortality in Russia. You will not believe it – the authorities are covering it up after all.

The text of “Meduza” consists of anonymous sources (“Egor [name was changed at the request of the interlocutor] decided to talk about the situation…”), exemplary sofa analytics (“I started recording dismissals of medical officials on Facebook…”), rumours (“…they said that there was an order that there should be no more than five COVID-associated deaths per day in the city…”), unsubstantiated statements (“…Will this information then be included in the statistics? It’s not a fact.”), and value judgments like “false statistics” and “accomplice of lies”. The illustration — a photo of a coffin being lowered into the earth by people wearing protective suits.

The text’s leitmotif — “You do understand that we can’t have a lethality rate six times lower than everyone else?.”

At the same time, the only objective confirmation that is present in the material is the news that broke the other day: in Moscow 18% (or 1,800) more deaths were recorded in in April 2020 than in April 2019. This news is manipulative in itself: it compares April 2020 with April 2019 (and shows an 18% increase in mortality), but not with April 2018 (because compared to back then the growth would be only 9% or less than 1,000 people); context in the form of fluctuations of mortality in other months is not given (and this April in Moscow was barely close to the average winter months, despite the fact that this warm winter in Moscow the death rate was generally lower than average).

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Despite this, “Meduza” concludes that all additional deaths are undocumented coronavirus ones, which means that the authorities told lies exactly three times (on May 1st in Moscow 658 official “coronavirus-related deaths were registered). However, this only objective fact also disproves the text’s conclusions about mountains of hidden corpses: the incorrect comparison of April 2020 to April 2019 is mentioned above, but, for example, in New York during the epidemic, the mortality rate jumped not by 18%, not 80%, but by 408%. In London — 135%, in Paris — 137%, etc. This is precisely what the real epicenters of the epidemic look like.

Let’s be clear: most likely, official statistics of death from coronavirus across Russia, as well as everywhere in the world, are really not complete due to objective circumstances: delays with reporting; bureaucracy; confusion; and just the general novelty of the situation for all participants of the process. For certain, there are also conscious attempts of concealment, however even if all the “excess” deaths – according to “Meduza” – were documented as coronavirus ones, we will receive 1,800 deaths for April versus 3,807 only official ones in, say, London. Considering that diagnoses in London for May 1st were twice less than in Moscow (24,000 and 57,000 respectively), we will get the same sixfold difference that is so disliked by “Meduza”. Once again, these are all the “unrecorded” deaths calculated via the “Meduza” method versus only the official ones in London. If, following the example of Moscow, we take all the “extra” April deaths in the British capital, the difference will be 10 times or more.

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It is possible to compare the number of revealed cases with any other epidemic “leader”: even if to document all additional deaths in Russia as coronavirus ones and not do the same for Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain and the USA, then many times, or even an order of magnitude, less people died in Russia. While “Meduza” and other well-wishers are trying to scrape together at least an extra 1,000 deaths in Russia, in the mentioned countries the number increase to tens of thousands, and nothing can be done about this stubborn fact.

The total number of “excess” deaths in the world in April was estimated at 74,000, and ironically, most of them are in western countries, which, however, no one accuses of manipulating statistics. If to add these additional deaths, the difference with the situation in Russia will be completely devastating.

All of this is explained without any conspiracy theories: just in Russia there is a lower specific number of cases with a much higher specific level of testing. Russia has taken full advantage of the temporary head start: we had already started preparing for the epidemic, deploying additional beds in hospitals, introducing quarantine measures, etc. As a result, the actual scale of the epidemic in Russia is much lower than our neighbours in the rankings, hundreds of thousands of diagnoses strike the eyes – the result is manyfold more extensive testing and a lower death rate due to the absence of a collapse of the health system, which was observed in all these countries. It sounds tiresome, we know, but there are no conspiracies.

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We can expect that in retrospect, the statistics for Russia will be updated, and the number of deaths from coronavirus will increase, as is the case all over the world. Unfortunately, we personally know of a case where a person who died on a ventilator in Russia had all the signs of a coronavirus, but there was no official diagnosis, and the death certificate reads: “COVID19 not identified”. In other words, it is said that the diagnosis can be revised later.

General conclusions can be drawn only after mortality calculations are made using a balance method. The first sign — the statistics for April in Moscow, as we have already seen, rather confirm the official picture of the epidemic in Russia.

The picture shows that Russia is coping very well with the epidemic, demonstrating the maximum level of diagnosis with a minimum level of mortality. This picture does not change, regardless of how many “unaccounted”deaths are attributed to coronavirus.

Turn on your brain, dear readers, do not let yourself be manipulated.

Vatfor, Zen Yandex

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