What the “Navalny Headquarters” Are Silent About

Sorry, citizens, but there is no other opposition in Russia. Although, this is also not the opposition, but a “circus with horses”.

Of course, this “logical puzzle” requires some clarification. Why? Yes, because, as usual, there is a lot of pathos, and there is very little real information that can be considered “true”. Nothing can be done, we use what we have.

However, let’s start with the informational “pathos”. The figure is 250,000 people, the protest participants should simply “kill on the spot”. A lot? Yes, a lot, for the capital of Germany. For a separate Russian regional centre, too, a lot, but for the whole of Russia – it is very small, hundredths, if not thousandths of a percent of the total number of citizens of our country.

And now we turn to the source of information and the method of its broadcast to the airwaves. Transcript, Navalny’s entire headquarters (sounds powerful), without leaving their offices (from videos and photos of the protests), estimated the number of participants, rounded up to a quarter of a million people and reported this to the most “truthful” website of our Russian opposition, the Dozhd TV channel. Bold dot.

Navalny’s HQ claims 250,000 came out to protest across all of Russia

But if this is submitted to the information desk?

According to Znak, 0.25%, or 49,800, of the total population of Russia’s 12 main cities added together came out to protest (in Moscow – only 0.13%!)

Well, quite an unbecoming picture turns out. The protest is not organised, the protest lost. Those responsible are being searched for and punished. Draw conclusions, gentlemen, draw your own conclusions.

And my conclusions are as follows: the figures of “popular” support for the “politician” Navalny are needed, first of all, for him to maintain the image of the disgraced, “twice poisoned by Putin” leader of the unknown opposition.

Well, for a report on the protest movements in Russia (the wobbling of the regime), which are made up in the US embassies, it will also suffice. That’s right, because the Washington Regional Committee will not check this. And so, the paper will endure everything.

Looking through photos and video materials about the course of the “protest” on January 23, it is difficult not to notice that there were no “extras”. There was a Russian-language western press, and “self-bloggers” were also enough. But there was no like “let’s all become a crowd” to liberate Navalny from prison.

And it was like this. Everyone got in the face of the “protesters” and the police, creating “chaos and confusion”. There were street “fighters” and provocateurs, too, but they worked, somehow weakly and in an unorganised way, without pleasure, almost without zest.

So, the outbreaks of “violence”, mainly, OMON managed to nip in the bud. Individual episodes – and the total number of detainees testifies to this – can not be taken into account.

The conclusion is that the all-Russian campaign “for Navalny, against Putin” failed, in the complete absence of sane slogans and demands. Let’s just say that it was only “reconnaissance battles”, a “first draft”, preparation for the “general battle”.

I predict that the next protest is not far off. The slogans will be even more “wild”, the media and “self-bloggers” will become even more brazen, street “fighters” will become even more aggressive, on social networks it is more and more shameless to call younger people and schoolchildren to the street.

The technologies of organising street protests (“we are shaking the regime”) are improving, but the goals remain the same. This is not a political struggle, this is the destruction of the Russian statehood with all the ensuing consequences.

The Americans aptly called their “peaceful protesting” citizens domestic terrorists. I believe that it will not be superfluous to consider Navalny, “Navalnyists” with his headquarters and other similar organisations as domestic terrorists, and as you know, they do not negotiate with terrorists.

Eduard Tselinsky

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