What to Expect From the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki

By Ollie Richardson

What started as Internet Chinese whispers has indeed been confirmed by both the Kremlin and the White House. Trump and Putin will meet on July 16th in Helsinki. It should be immediately said that the fact of the relative neutrality of the venue and the timing of the event with the closing ceremony of the World Cup (July 15th) already shows who wanted this meeting more. America’s two-pronged “Syria-Ukraine” attack against Russia has ultimately failed, and the boomerang is already returning to sender.

Europe, or to be more precise – Germany, is already preparing the final details of the launch of “Nord Stream-2”, which will render Washington’s Banderist project in Ukraine a briefcase without a handle, and France is already making moves to cooperate with the “new” Syria – one where Bashar al-Assad is still the leader, and Russia still has its port in Tartus, but there are no longer western-backed jihadists on every street corner. America’s main regional satellites were all dealt strong blows by the Eurasian axis:

  • Saudi Arabia’s pet terrorists in Syria were liquidated by the Russian Ministry of Defence and OPEC was brought to heel by Gazprom;

  • Turkey was forced into a corner after it was used by NATO to down a Russian jet and provoke the Kremlin into making irrational moves, and Ankara’s ties to ISIS in Syria were bombed into oblivion by Russian airforce, which cost the pro-US Ahmet Davutoğlu his job. In addition, the remnants of Al-Qaeda controlled by Turkey are killing each other in Idlib;

  • Qatar’s proxy terrorist groups were also liquidated by Syria and Doha are forced to follow Turkey’s lead in the rejection of America’s bullying, knowing very well that the attempted coup that took place in Ankara in 2016 can also happen to any other disobedient vassal;

  • Israel was tamed by Moscow through the art of fourth generation warfare. More about this can be read here.

By the way, it is no coincidence that as soon as the Syrian Arab Army started to attack the positions of jihadists in South Syria, the Hodeidah front in Yemen opened up. After all, in the “great game” it is possible to attempt to compensate for losses in one theatre of military operations by creating surges of energy in another one. Whether or not these attempts are successful is another thing… Actually, the Houthis in Yemen have acted as a nice counterbalance to America’s manoeuvres in Venezuela and other parallel, lower-stakes processes. In terms of Ukraine, all eyes are on the 2019 elections and on how America will try to salvage what is left of its now broken “toy”, but one thing is for sure – America and the EU would throw it into the trash if they could, but they can’t (Minsk Agreements). Thus the US and EU’s budget will continue to haemorrhage funds not only for migrants, but also to keep Ukrainian statehood afloat – after all, if it collapses, the subsequent shockwave will cause Germany and France to pivot even more East than they already have.

More information about the Putin-Trump summit on July 16th in Helsinki can be heard below, where the author of these lines spoke to Sputnik about exactly this topic (note: the interview took place before the official announcement of the summit’s date).

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