What’s Disgusting to Russians Is the Norm & Success to the “World Community”

NEW – August 16, 2022

How interesting the “civilised world” is. Every year, various representatives of the so-called “world community” gather in Hiroshima, make speeches, lay flowers and shed tears for the victims of the atomic bombing. The places of honour are always occupied by representatives of the country that carried out this very bombing.

They say the right words, that it was a crime that should not be repeated, “we grieve ….” etc. And not a word about who did it. Not just a single word – but subtle half-hints that there is, they say, a country on the planet that sleeps and sees how to attack someone. And it has nuclear weapons, very, very dangerous. And everyone present nods their heads in agreement: “Yes, yes, there is such a country! We condemn!” With a clear reference to Russia.

As a rule, the UN Secretary General also comes to the event. He, along with everyone else, sheds tears, grieves and is horrified by the cruelty. And carefully does not name the country – “the culprit of the commemoration”.

Representatives of the country that could directly and loudly name this culprit are carefully not allowed to attend the event, under any pretexts. No one wants to hear the truth. Nobody. Not the Japanese, not the Americans, not the UN.

“At the event dedicated to the worst tragedy in the history of the Japanese people, its true culprit – the United States of America – was not even mentioned, and all the speeches were shamelessly reduced to inflating the baseless thesis about the ‘threat from Russia’ to the whole world with nuclear weapons. At the same time, those who actually used them were called almost ‘the vanguard of the struggle for peace’,” Mariya Zakharova wrote.

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However, these words of hers are unlikely to reach the ears of the participants of the “mourning event”. They have long learned to hear only what is profitable.

Thanks to such events in Japan, the number of people who want to “get revenge on Russia” for Hiroshima and Nagasaki is growing. These Anglo-Saxons work famously, we don’t know how to do this. Not in the sense that we couldn’t, but in the fact that we consider it so low that under no circumstances would we get dirty with such approaches. But the Anglo-Saxons are fine with it – for them this is the norm, they LIKE it. Perhaps this is the key difference between a Russian and an Anglo-Saxon: what is disgusting to the Russian, for the Anglo-Saxon is the norm and routine, they have lived in this excrement for centuries, they do not feel a smell.

Therefore, when you hear Western politicians sigh about the bitter fate of some Iraqis, Afghans, Ukrainians or Croats – immediately remember the mourning events in Hiroshima. This is the same algorithm.

Actually, I have no questions for the “world community”: we know who we are dealing with. I have a question for everyone else: why do we need such a UN together with its “Secretary-General”, who diligently does not feel the smell coming from the “world community”?

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