What’s Good for Boris Johnson Is Good for Sergey Lavrov, Isn’t It?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



“How Ukraine can avoid Poroshenko’s reign of terror. There is one man who bears the overwhemling responsibility for this Ukrainian disaster, a man whose barbaric military tactics have caused the vast majority of those thousands of victims. That leader is Petro Poroshenko. It is his killing machine, his cluster bombs and, finally, his struggle for personal political survival. It is no mere piety that leads us to call for him to leave power. It is a simple and practical observation that he can have no part in the future government of new Ukraine – because as long as Poroshenko is in power in Kiev there will be no Ukraine to govern… The Ukrainian people will surely not feel safe as long as he is in command of the army or able to send planes over their streets…

We propose a gradual transition. First there is to be a 6-month negotiating phase between the regime and the opposition, accompanied by a total cease-fire. Next there is to be an 18-month period in which Ukraine is to be governed by a transitional government. This, crucially, would be a mixture of opposition figures and representatives of the current government and of civil society. Poroshenko would by then by gone. There would then be elections”.

Do you know who I am quoting? Hehe, I reproduced verbatim fragments of today’s article by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Britain Boris Johnson in The Times. But it’s true, I must admit, the words “Syria” and “Assad” I respectively substituted with “Ukraine” and “Poroshenko”.

In my opinion, now it’s Sergey Lavrov’s turn to put his signature under the text. Really, if the head of the British Foreign Ministry can write such a thing about the seemingly sovereign Syria and its legitimate leader, in this case why can’t the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry write the same about the seemingly sovereign Ukraine and its far less legitimate President? In my opinion, it’s a good idea…

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