What’s Happening to the Bodies of Ukrainian Soldiers…

NEW – May 4, 2022

I usually don’t post such things, if anyone has noticed. Things like this video. But here is an appalling story, even by the standards of the current military situation.

It was sent by officers who passed through the Second Chechen War, and whom I know personally.

Ukrainian soldiers were killed during the offensive of our troops. “Sworn brothers” abandoned the bodies of the dead and left. Our people went out to the enemy several times. They asked to take away the bodies so that the soldiers could be buried normally. A ceasefire and a humanitarian corridor were promised. No answer.

An excellent picture of the state of affairs in the UAF.

As a result, the Russian military decided to take away the bodies of the UAF soldiers and bury them. At the moment when the truck arrived in the forest belt for the second time, Ukrainian artillery hit the area.

But the Russian soldiers, under the fire of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, took the bodies of the dead soldiers of the UAF to our rear to be buried them in a mass grave. Because ours remain human. Always. Unlike them.

What can I add here? In Ukraine, another mobilisation is now beginning. The Ukrainian military and their relatives should think carefully about what is happening.

Andrey Medvedev

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