“What’s Your Name, Scumbag?”: C14 Rushed into the Goloseevsky Monastery in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Right-wing radicals from C14 rushed into the capital’s Svyato-Pokrovsky Goloseevsky monastery and with obscene language pounced on the monks, reports the Center for information of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. 
This took place at noon on May 5th.

In the video posted on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a group of about 20 nationalists demands from the monks to give the current location of the Brazilian Rafael Lusvarghi who, according to their information, was a part of the DPR and lived in the monastery.

After they were told that there is no Brazilian here, the radicals started to insult the monks of the monastery.

“What is your name, big dog? What is your name, scumbag? Because when the authorities are changed, I will come to you,” said [Evgeny; the leader of “C-14” – ed] Karas, harassing the monks of the monastery. 

Commenting on the visit to the Goloseevsky monastery, Karas said that “there won’t be any fighting here any more, but I need to at least terrorise and oppress them”.

At the end of the visit the radicals warned the monks that in the future they will be under their strict surveillance, and “if they disobey”, they will come here again.

From the Goloseevsky monastery the radicals went to the Embassy of Brazil, where the day prior the Brazilian was captured. Summarising his video report on the attack on the Golosseevsky monastery, Evgeny Karas said: “Today I used a lot of obscene language, I spat on this demon in a black uniform”.

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