When the Abyss Stares at You

Statements made by Ukrainian politicians and officials, who compete with each other for who can stoop the lowest, should not be perceived in isolation from their practical actions and plans.

The Kiev Gestapo, improperly referred to as the “Security Service of Ukraine”, distinguished itself with a new moral low.

In the spirit of the “best traditions” of their predecessors from the department of Heinrich Himmler, the Security Service of post-maidan Ukraine stole the commemorative medals for the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany – the award to the Ukrainian veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

By itself, this event is absolutely ordinary for today’s Ukraine. Something similar in the degree of savagery and the level of mental and moral degradation happens there almost every day.

Moreover, not just on the basis of the continuous savagery of the philistine masses, this goes without saying, but at the level of the local government and its official representatives, if I may say so.

For example, the former Minister of Transport of Ukraine Omelyan, who almost completely destroyed this transport system, was remembered not so much for this, as for his public call to burn Moscow.

However, it would be wrong to think that this madness is a thing of the past gone along with the former Gauleiter of Ukraine. The representative of the current “party of power”– “Servants of the People“, the people’s (!!!) deputy of Ukraine, Galina Tretyakova, recently voiced the call to sterilise poor parents because they give birth to defective children.

Another, equally underdeveloped and also “people’s” deputy of Ukraine Yasko is seriously preparing a draft law on criminal liability for “public figures” for recognising Crimea and travelling to Moscow. This silly blonde has absolutely no idea about the fact that in a normal country there cannot be a separate Criminal Code for “public figures”, because the law is the same for everyone. And only a complete non-human can offer to punish a person with prison just for visiting a sick mother who lives in Moscow.

But this madhouse is famous not only for the empty heads of blondes. The “Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine”, former farm animal specialist Danilov, as it appears, lives only by the hope of an early entire collapse of the Russian Federation! And one more of his fellow believers, the commander of the non-existent “Ukrainian navy”, threatens to “strike” Russia with his missiles.

All this would be very funny if it were not so sad, and most importantly scary. For the Ukrainian state leadership, these and dozens of other similar examples practically on a daily basis demonstrates its complete insanity. As well as an absolute absence of any restraining principles, be they moral and ethical, intellectual and educational, or at least psychophysical, allowing one to think and act in some other more adequate way.

They are not capable of this anyway because they live in a paradigm of hatred and total rejection of everything that, in one way or another, is connected with Russia and the Russian people.

Someone may say “So what, let them say what they want, what do we care, let’s just ignore and forget”. My answer is – you will not succeed in this, “not involved” gentlemen, in any way! For the simple reason that Russia in this case is dealing with such a substance that not only stinks disgustingly, but, in fact, is such a cesspool without a bottom and without walls. I.e., without the slightest hint of the presence of those framework and restrictions that were mentioned above and, under normal conditions, play the same role as graphite rods in a nuclear reactor, which, as is known, are needed in order to prevent the transformation of a controlled nuclear reaction into an uncontrolled one – i.e., into a nuclear explosion.

Present Ukraine is just such a “nuclear reactor” from which the “graphite rods” of universal human morality, humanistic values, historical memory, and even elementary common sense have been pulled out. And therefore, the above-mentioned insane statements of the official authorities are not just words, it is their very physical essence, which, as far as they can, materialises into the same black deeds

Outrageous thugs by nature, they started with an armed coup and the destruction of their own state. And they continue in exactly the same spirit, meaning, first and foremost, the destruction of Russia and Russians. And if they have not yet fully implemented this program, it is not at all because of the presence of some kind of internal emergency brakes, but only because they have not yet properly been prepared for this.

I repeat – this regime has absolutely no restraining features in relation to Russia. Even Hitler had some. For example, he planned to get only to the Urals. These will stop nowhere. Until they get their hands on everything they need. We hear calls from local fanatics and retired Napoleons from Kiev for atomic bombardment almost every day. But it’s not even about these screams. The fact is that other much less talkative characters are working hard in this direction without much noise. And God knows how far they’ve come. Have you heard anything about what, for example, the “main missile engineer of Ukraine” and, concurrently, the main Russophobe Turchynov is doing after his alleged resignation from the government post? Then I haven’t either. However, there is reason to believe that he is engaged in doing exactly the same thing as he was when he was the head of the NSDC, only in a more secret mode. In general, all work on strategic weapons, including nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, is now completely classified as secret in Ukraine. That already, in itself, suggests that they are being actively pursued.

The one who thinks that present Ukraine needs a military victory over Russia is extremely naive. And since it is impossible because of the inequality of forces, then, consequently, we have nothing to fear. This is a very dangerous delusion! The Anglo-Saxon residency in Kiev does not really need a military victory in its usual sense. The task will be fully fulfilled even if  war starts at a sufficient scale and duration for some Russians to completely kill other Russians. At the same time, it does not matter where exactly these Russian corpses will be – from Ukraine, or from the Russian Federation. The more corpses there are, the more “victory” there will be.

In my opinion  they, with their characteristic obsessive determination, tirelessly dream that as a result of such a war, not a single Russian will remain in Ukraine from the current 30-odd million living there. And thus, they will finally resolve their damned “national issue”.

And that’s not to mention the fact that in real life this completely foreign controlled gang will do exactly what it is told to do. Regardless of their own cockroaches at the top. And taking into account in whose hands the reins of these “horses of the apocalypse” are, it is not difficult to imagine what kind of orders these could be.  

Thus, to treat the current Kiev exercises in extravagance simply as harmless idle talk is an utmost carelessness and superficiality. In fact, this phenomenon must be judged by its real merit. Namely, as a direct proof of the absence of any human principles in these individuals, making them capable of perceiving the voice of reason, or even just rational actions based on the awareness of the intrinsic value of human life.

There is nothing of the kind in these fiends of the underworld. And, consequently, near the very side of the rest of Russia, such a tumour is filled with deadly “fluids”, which sooner or later will surely burst through. And only someone who is completely devoid of not only imagination and elementary understanding of reality, but even the simplest instinct of self-preservation, can leave this fact without concern.

Yury Selivanov

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