“When the Russians Came, We Cried” – Residents of Mariupol Welcome Their Liberators

NEW – March 12, 2022

Detachments of the DPR and Russian armies liberating Mariupol, driving out neo-Nazi militants from the city, liberate civilians from the basements of multi-storey buildings. One of the released women said that Russians had been waiting in the city for a long time. However, the two-week assault turned out to be a real nightmare for them.

“We thought we’d never get out of there at all. We counted the days. We are told – another day, two more. And then a week, the second, the second has already ended. I still can’t get over the fact that we’re free.

With a fever, all ill, without medication. That’s when our guys came in – we were crying. When the person came in, said good evening – we realised that it was the Russians who came,” she said.

At the same time, the liberation of the Donetsk-Mariupol highway is coming to an end. The cleansing of Volnovakha and Novotroitskoye continues, but soon it will be possible to get from Donetsk to Mariupol by car in one hour.

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