When Western “Partners” Care More About Navalny Than Russians Do

So, Aleksey Navalny was transported to Germany

The plane carrying the “regime” wobbler and dull donation beggar from Russia landed at a German military airfield and, accompanied by a whole motorcade (army vehicles, by the way, including ambulances), the patient left for the Charité clinic.

And immediately, the hysteria of the domestic opposition vanished at once, no one is running around the hospital and demanding a diagnosis “here and now”, especially since the German doctors prudently sent everyone away and said that there will be no diagnosis before Monday.

Meanwhile the fate of Navalny was taken care of: US national security adviser Robert O’Brien, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron have all declared their readiness to provide treatment and grant political asylum. “Western partners” clearly showed all of us who is destined to play the role of a provocative goat* for Russia. In principle, there were no illusions before, but this is a very revealing chorus.

The nervousness of “western partners” is understandable, ahead of the State Duma election in 2021, then the 2024 presidential election, time is running out, and if something happens to Navalny, there is simply no time to cultivate a replica. Who could have expected that the carefully patronised, caressed, and filled up to the very limit with money Navalny would banally get high in the airplane toilet after a drink and will almost kick the bucket. But Russian doctors have revived the last hope of the EU and the US, even under terrible pressure from all sides.

What else to add. Recently it became fashionable to wish Navalny health and recovery [in the sense that for Putin he’s better alive than dead, since as opposition Navalny is useless – ed], but it’s not for me. I do not have a habit of worrying about the health of paid traitors and open enemies of Russia, and I do not pursue fashion. Soon he will be resuscitated and his pomaded glossy face will appear again everywhere with the next stupid planting of false information, invented “facts”, and collecting donations from suckers. The leader of the small-minded and poor will continue his work.

*A provocative goat is a specially trained goat used in slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, etc. The duties of the goat include escorting a flock of sheep to the slaughterhouse, while the goat itself comes out unharmed, knowing the location of the hidden exit. The provocative goat calms the herd and gives it confidence. Such a goat has an official position at the meat processing plant, and funds are allocated for its maintenance.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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