Where Navalny’s August 31st Moscow Rent-A-Crowd Came From

For a promise of a reward, the so-called non-systemic opposition brought people from regions to an unsanctioned rally in Moscow on August 31st. The group of paid activists, numbering several dozens of people, who arrived from the Ivanovo and Kaluga regions on the eve of the illegal rally, lodged in a house in Mytishchi. This was reported by the correspondent of the Federal News Agency, who infiltrated the “oppositional” ranks of activists of the scandalous blogger Aleksey Navalny.

As the Federal News Agency succeeded to find out, people from other regions were taken to Moscow on August 31st. Including for economic reasons – it is easier to motivate rural inhabitants with small material remuneration than Moscow residents, who even for any money refuse to participate in the provocations organised by Navalny’s activists and team, since they were convinced of their dirty methods long ago and don’t want to support violations of the law.

As a reminder, the rally on August 31st was not sanctioned by the authorities, since in the city during these days preparation for Knowledge Day took place. The capital’s administration suggested to hold a rally on Sakharova Avenue on August 25th, however a sanctioned procession wouldn’t allow the lawyer of the so-called “Anti-Corruption Foundation” and the protege of Navalny, Lyubov Sobol, to organise disorder and to provoke detentions.

Reward for provocation

The embedded correspondent of the Federal News Agency, who found themselves in the private house in Mytishchi where the paid activists were brought on the eve of the illegal rally on August 31st, carried out hidden video filming and found out how the “guest performers” were prepared for the organisation of disorder.

According to the obtained data, a group of activists of several dozen people, each of who’s work costs about 7000 rubles, were provided with a team leader, illegal SIM cards for covert communication, and transport for delivery to the center of Moscow. All participants of the illegal gathering on August 31st were carefully instructed, urged to draw the attention of law enforcement as much as possible during the rally, including by disturbing the public peace and the law, and provoking them into using force. The group of provokers was warned that they have to be ready for skirmishes to “beat up” OMON. In the event of detention, there are trained lawyers who will be ready to render full legal aid.

According to one of the team leaders, who on the secret camera is named “Shtyrem”, the activists will be brought by car to the center of the capital from the house by 2pm on Pushkin Square. This location will become a starting point for provocations and clashes with law enforcement officers.


The “Anti-Corruption Foundation” (ACF) of Aleksey Navalny is involved in organising the transportation of provokers. It became obvious when the team leader warned the activists who gathered in the house about additional instructions from a certain Olga. This is well heard in the footage. Considering the circumstances, it is possible to assume that the worker of the ACF Olga Klyuchnikova, who at the end of June was discovered by the police on Shelepikhinskaya Embankment, and who is involved in the organisation of the “underground signature factory” in Moscow, is the person in question. The signatures of voters for Lyubov Sobol were drawn exactly there.

“Organisational recidivism”

Such a way of luring people to unsanctioned rallies was already used for the previous rallies in Moscow. Instead of the sites announced by the organisers and okayed by the mayor’s office, the bought-off participants were taken to the city center, where they organised disorder and disturbed Moscow residents, including by limiting their movement, since law enforcement was forced to block streets and to limit traffic for the safety of the capital’s residents. The participants of provocations lunged towards the police and OMON and threw garbage at them.

The “opposition” definitively discredited itself during the electoral campaign in the summer of this year. In order to install “their” people in the Moscow City Duma, Navalny & Co didn’t shy away from using the dirtiest methods – falsified signatures on lists for the nomination of candidates for the Moscow City Duma election, including the signatures of dead people. And when it nevertheless wasn’t succeeded to deceive the electoral commissions, the provokers tried to put pressure on them, demanding to allow all violators to participate in the election, and started to urge people to come to illegal rallies allegedly in support of fair elections. In fact, as is agreed on by experts, the “opposition” needs to shake the situation in order to receive financing from its western sponsors.

Therefore, even people who distance themselves from politics didn’t doubt the dirtiness of Navalny and his colleagues.

Navalny’s trolls from Maryino

One more way to discredit the authorities was the “troll factory” of the blogger Navalny, which was found in the Moscow region of Maryino. The capital’s law enforcement bodies shut down the work of the “factory”, the employees of which were involved in spreading comments on the Internet that included appeals to support illegal rallies and to carry out disorder on the streets.

The former lawyer of the ACF Vitaly Serukanov tosaidld that Navalny actively uses Twitter in order to brainwash the youth. The social network literally became the main political platform of the blogger, however he shifts responsibility for the “dirty work” of involving young people in provocations to his supporters.

According to Serukanov, trolls are also used to harass those who are objectionable to the team of the blogger. Anyone who opposes the “honest” and “impartial” “opposition” is subjected to a mass bot attack.

“Under the cover of this, he always tries to fight off attacks, and he either puts his ‘troll factory’ in the shadows, or mixes it with living people,” said Serukanov.

Extras are delivered by buses

Guest performers who come to rallies in Moscow say that the organisers of disorder will take “extras” to illegal actions by whole bus loads. At the same time, “oppositionists” like to accuse the authorities of forcibly bringing state employees to mass actions by buses, although no proof of this is presented.

The scheme has already become traditional for Navalny’s organised criminal group and is implemented by him at each rally. And people who are brought from regions often can’t even answer the question of what the rally is devoted to and why they participate in it.

This directly demonstrates that the so-called opposition completely lost the support of citizens, who don’t agree with the dirty methods used and mercantile interests. Therefore, Navalny and his supporters entice people from rural areas who are far from understanding the political situation in the capital, via any, even the most dishonourable, ways.

RIAFAN, Sergey Petrov

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