Which American Top Officials Are Involved in Pillaging Ukraine: New Names and Outrageous Sums

The well-known Ukrainian politician and head of the former parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev spoke about who is selling the remains of Ukraine to the West and how.

The scope of the corruption scandal is not limited to Biden alone. There are other surnames on this list.

“There really are. John Kerry, Secretary of State of the State Department, the highest executive position, is also there. Let us also remember Kwaśniewski, who was also on this list. There’s an interesting company going, all the stars. I’ve been watching this story for over two years.

Immediately after Trump’s election, there was some casting on who might be his rival. Biden was immediately number one. He did nothing in the United States during Obama’s presidency except Ukraine. Therefore, it was only through the Ukrainian theme that Biden could be shot down. Since then, I have been watching closely what happens to Biden, Ukraine, Trump and his team.

The former mayor of New York City Giuliani has a good comrade Sam Kislin, he is very well known in Kiev. When we say “Giuliani”, many recall Sam Kislin, some even mix them up. Initially, Sam Kislin was the subject of Biden’s tracks in Ukraine. I have a lot of friends who are friends with Sam, and we often talked to them.

The fact is that there are a lot of issues in Ukraine through which Biden can be touched. Right now it’s through hearing the “Burisma” case and Nikolay Zlochevsky.

During the times of Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yanukovych, and Yushchenko, gas produced in Ukraine was sold on the domestic market for communal services. That money was enough to make gas workers feel like millionaires and even billionaires.

There was one problem, the problem is that sort of not paying taxes. A giant profit in the absence of costs would have to cause most of the income to go into taxes.

If you are not Gazprom with a powerful administrative apparatus, a large wage fund, with a Northern and Southern stream, where you need to spend money, you have no costs. You won’t change the meter every month, change the valves that open a gas well, or lay a new pipe. And the costs have to be shown because otherwise the income tax is very large, VAT and everything else, and the amount of earnings is reduced more than by half.

By the way, nuclear power engineers have the same problem, there is also super-large profit. But there is still a station, people, equipment, nuclear fuel, but there is nothing here, only a well, a valve, a meter, and a pipe.

With Poroshenko’s arrival, the IMF demanded that gas for domestic purposes be purchased at the same prices as gas abroad, and at the same space the price be included in the cost of utility payments. As a result, the cost of utility payments for the population has increased.

Ukraine has enough of its gas to completely supply the commune. If Ukraine wanted to, it could be done as it was in Libya – the commune is free. Because the cost of producing domestic gas is ridiculous, a few dollars. And under Yanukovych, the value in the domestic market was about a $100, and then the IMF said that it is necessary to sell at the same prices at which gas by reverse is now received allegedly from Europe, Russian gas.

I.e., the price increased even more, the amounts that gas workers began to receive became simply space.

In fact, the lion’s share of utility payments started to settle in the accounts of private companies. Because Poroshenko believed he deserved credit for making such high tariffs, he laid claim to a share of the profits in those companies. It was about hundreds of millions and billions of dollars.

Many heard about the Onishchenko case. What was going on there? Poroshenko said that since you make money, you have wells, and we didn’t take them away from you, please fund the deputies and what we say – the media, etc. They gathered and noted down where Onishchenko should spend money so that his wells remain in his use. Onishchenko recorded these conversations and now posts them in the media.

I know Zlochevsky well, I sympathise with him and I know much more than I can say so he doesn’t run into trouble. But Onishchenko’s fate did not pass by him. He had his wells too, and he also provided certain services to Poroshenko until a certain time. I know which ones, but I won’t talk about it.

At some point Zlochevsky decided – ‘How long’? Then Biden, Kerry, Kwaśniewski, who joined the supervisory board of the firm ‘Burisma’, arose. Zlochevsky decided that such a star lineup in the management of the company would allow him not to pay Poroshenko. But he was wrong.

Poroshenko decided that although Zlochevsky had gathered such people on the ‘Burisma’ supervisory board, it did not exempt him from responsibility. Gas workers are up with taxes. Unearthing where someone is doing something wrong is easy enough. Everyone understands – there is money, and whatever you do with it, whatever expenses you falsify, it is probably just falsified expenses.

Petro Poroshenko instructed his godfather Shokin… Now a lot of people say that Prosecutor General Shokin is a good, noble guy, a fighter against corruption. It wasn’t really that way. Poroshenko instructed to initiate criminal proceedings and deal with Zlochevsky, despite the fact that he has a star on the supervisory board.

Is Biden’s case tied to that?

“Yes. Even though members of the supervisory board received between $50 and $150 a month simply for being on that supervisory board. According to unverified information, Zlochevsky thanked Biden with several payments for a stern conversation with Poroshenko and Shokin. They say that the amounts were $3 million and $10 million in different payments.

And Biden had this conversation about Shokin immediately ending criminal cases. The conversation was so stern that Poroshenko said: ‘Yes, I gave him a command, but he is such a bad prosecutor, he glued himself to these cases, nothing can be done with him’. But Shokin said: ‘Yes, of course I will close all criminal cases, since everything is so serious. But I need time for that’. Shokin asked for a week. Biden said ‘6 hours’. Either criminal cases are closed within 6 hours later, or Poroshenko must fire him. And Poroshenko fired Shokin.

This is not the first time Poroshenko has given a command and then set up the people he gives a command to. In the past he gave a command to Lutsenko to accuse Yovanovitch of putting pressure on the prosecutor’s office, and then turned his back on Lutsenko.

So, Shokin was removed, but Lutsenko was still unable to close the criminal cases faster than in a week. Thanks to the fact that Biden – as Trump said, ‘boaster Biden’ – boasted that he at one time threatened not to transfer a billion dollars to Ukraine and demanded to fire Shokin within a few hours, everyone learned about it. So Biden set himself up.

This story would have come out anyway, but here it is already very difficult for Biden to make excuses. Lutsenko started to say that there is no actus reus, that it is an internal affair of the US. Messengers from abroad went to Shokin so that he would not oppose Biden. But then came Shokin’s testimony, which he had previously given to Firtash‘s lawyers. In this testimony, he accused Biden of pressuring Poroshenko to fire him for investigating criminal cases against a firm led by Biden’s son.”

What do Firtash’s lawyers have to do with it?

“It’s a separate story. Once during Yushchenko’s time, there was a mediation structure between ‘Gazprom‘ and Ukraine that supplied gas to Ukraine. ‘RosUkrEnergo’, I think. Among the informal beneficiaries was Petro Yushchenko, who, as the brother of the president, ensured that everything was normal. There were also Firtash and several people whose names I will not name, but it is easy to find on the Internet.

The Americans believe that this intermediary firm between Russia and Ukraine, the need for which is difficult to explain based on common sense, was created to accumulate some funds that were distributed in the interests of the Russian Federation, as well as to finance some special projects abroad. So, Firtash’s criminal case is because the Democrats were doing everything to get him into the United States and see the expenditure of those funds.

Clinton tried to prove that Trump’s electoral campaign was funded with this money. As far as I know, this is highly questionable, but the cunning plan of the Americans was to get Firtash to confirm it in the United States.

In order to protect Firtash and prevent his extradition from Austria to the United States, his lawyers needed to prove to everyone that the issue of his extradition to the United States was political. To that end, they grabbed Shokin, who mostly testified that he had been pressured by the Democrats to assist them in this criminal prosecution of Firtash in order to extradite him to the US. Although there was no actus reus for the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office to intervene.

This story has nothing to do with Biden. It has to do with the Democrats, but not ‘Burisma’.

So, as a result, even if Shokin now claimed that he was not fired by Biden and it was not because he was bringing criminal proceedings against a firm where Biden’s son was on the supervisory board, his testimony has already been recorded, it would be very difficult for him to back down.

Not to mention that he is now suing for reinstatement as Prosecutor-General. And Biden’s case is in his hand.

So going back to Firtash, I think that under Trump he won’t be extradited to the United States after all.

Now they are talking about ‘Burisma’, but no one says that it is for a billion dollars, which Biden had to give to Ukraine at a fingersnap. Such things are not done at a fingersnap.

How Biden could send a billion dollars or stop a billion dollars with one order is an interesting topic, no one touched it. Nowhere in the media will you find an explanation of the origin of this billion.

In the United States, about $3 billion have been issued under the USAID program to date. This is an agency that was organised in 1961 upon Kennedy’s order to gather under one roof all the channels through which US aid was allocated. Until then, American assistance was issued through completely different channels, unrelated to each other. The volume of this assistance has always been large.

The first thing we remember about this help is the Marshall Plan, which was rebuilding Europe. Imagine the money. Therefore, an agency was organised to distribute and control this money. The total aggregate amount of money is about 1% of US GDP.

Naturally, all of this money is spent in such a way that where the US spent 1%, it earned many times more. It’s basically support for democracy, but designed in a way that the US earns very well on it.

Back in 2014, Ukraine received its first billion dollars from USAID.

Moreover, in Ukraine, according to the Constitution, there is no position of ‘acting President’. Turchynov – as acting president – has no right to sign any legal and more so financial document. Thus, all the documents signed by him were effectively null and void. Nevertheless, Biden signed papers with Turchynov and allocates money to Ukraine.

The US started to investigate the allocation of $3 billion two years ago. In 2014, in 2015, in 2016, one billion dollars each. As a result, it turned out that all documents were falsified, the money that was transferred to Ukraine was stolen. Sam Kislin was engaged in the development of this topic.

For each payment, they traed where the money went, where it was spent, and how it was stolen. As a result, in October 2018, the US Ministry of Justice initiated a criminal case ‘for abuse of power and theft of the money of American taxpayers. The main defendants are Yaresko and Danilyuk. Ten more top Ukrainian officials feature in the case. I was partially briefed on the case because some of my comrades had been dragged to the United States or interrogated in Ukraine over the past two years. They consulted me about it.

A huge amount of work has been done. What we now see in ‘Burisma’ is the top of the scandal, the tip of the iceberg. If this case is intensified, and it has already been initiated and investigated, the entire headquarters of the Democratic Party will fall down.

They won’t be able to hold an election. I have no right to name names, but believe me, there are leading functionaries of the Democratic Party involved.”

In Ukraine it will hurt first of all officials from the Poroshenko period?

“Basically, yes. Although manipulation of American aid began under Arbuzov. But it passes there by the edge.

While Poroshenko was president, an attempt was made to withdraw him from this case. It took place under the code name ‘Pork’. Sam Kislin interviewed witnesses in the case along with lawyers.

Naturally, if I knew about this while in Moscow, Poroshenko knew about it. And imagine, one day Sam Kislin, Giuliani’s aide, President Trump’s right-hand man, is not allowed into Ukraine. He was included on the list of persons non grata. He is already not a young man, and having arrived in Ukraine, he found out that he is not allowed in, and was forced to sleep at the airport and return. He was never a Poroshenko fan, so you can imagine the mood he came back with.

When Zelensky flew to the United States to meet with Trump, he was supposed to be accompanied by Danilyuk. Zelensky was informed that a criminal case had been initiated against Danilyuk and it was undesirable that he should be part of the delegation.

That’s why Danilyuk didn’t fly. And then the transcript leak scandal began. They started to look for how the information left Zelensky’s office. They accused the head of administration of failing to ensure secrecy.

The head of administration Andrey Bogdan has a very strained relationship with Danilyuk. Both began at Zelensky’s headquarters, even when Zelensky was considered to be a technical candidate of Yuliya Tymoshenko, and their relationship did not develop from the very beginning. There are two versions of Danilyuk’s dismissal. The first version, that Danilyuk, as Soros‘ man, leaked information about the content of Zelensky‘s conversation to Soros and the Democrats. The second version that it it was Andrey Bogdan, who did it in such a way that everyone thought Daniluyk had leaked the information.

The US Department of State asked Zelensky not to take Danilyuk with him as part of the official delegation, in order to not put the US justice authorities in an uncomfortable position, since Danilyuk features in a criminal case.

The fact that Danilyuk was not taken to the United States to accompany Zelensky, plus the accusation that he leaked information about Trump putting pressure on Zelensky during a phone call, gave rise to Danilyuk’s resignation.

Back to corruption. I mentioned $3 billion. A billion of this was the same billion that was dangled by Biden under Poroshenko’s nose. I.e., the money was allocated in gross violation of American law. There was no risk assessment or audit opinions. USAID, when it issues money, always prepares a decent package of documents. And here billions was given completely undocumented.

By the way, three American banks are also accused, not only Yaresko and Danilyuk. Because of the investigation in this case, USAID worldwide has now, since August, stopped issuing grants. Currently the Americans do not allocate money anywhere, they do not impose democracy on anyone.

It was extremely important for Biden back then to legitimise Turchynov by giving him money. If he gets US money, then they’ll recognise him. This touches on ‘Burisma’. By the way, the criminal case on misappropriation of USAID funds was signed personally by the US prosecutor, i.e., all these issues are solved at the top.

This is not the only fact of corruption in Ukraine. Some others I’d like to illuminate, too. There are many of such cases. They all show what happened and is happening to Ukraine.

Everyone saw the scandal when military warehouses in Ukraine were burning. But this story starts earlier. During Yanukovych’s time, Avakov was detained in Italy for extradition to Ukraine. It was thought over for a long time whether or not to extradite him, and Avakov probably would have been extradited if Audrius Butkevičius had not come to his help.

He’s a legendary man. Please pay attention to this man, as he was accused of commanding snipers who killed protesters in Vilnius in 1991 and Kyrgyzstan in 2005, as well as in the leadership of a private military company in Georgia during the Rose Revolution.

This man arrived back then and helped Avakov.

According to unverified information, Audrius was connected to Мi-6. All contacts were involved, Avakov was released, and Audrius became Avakov’s official assistant. Once again, Audrius was noticed during Maidan. For obvious reasons Audrius was persona non grata, but nevertheless the traitorous General of the Security Service Petro Shatkovsky allowed him to enter Ukraine. As far as I know, the General was suspended. Many Security Service employees knew about this event. But the new government quickly corrected this. The Maidanist press could not understand why a General of the Security Service working with Yanukovych was dismissed only in January 2015.

Some security officials of Ukraine believe not without reason that Audrius was one of the organisers of the work of snipers on Maidan. The first who Butkevičius met upon arrival in Ukraine was Turchynov and Avakov, naturally.

Going back to corruption. Remember, the military warehouses were burning, they were the Vinnytsia and Chernigov warehouses. When they caught fire, they accused the Russians of sabotage. The Military Prosecutor Matios, who investigated the case of the explosion of these warehouses, found that the casings were somehow suspiciously small. He calculated how much ammunition should be in the warehouses, how many casings were collected there, estimated, counted. It turned out that there was a 80% deficit.

They started to investigate and found that the weapons were leaving the warehouses allegedly for the ‘ATO’. But then it turned around and went to the Nikolaev port, and were sent to Syria, Libya … ISIS was the recipient. It was sent using American and English intelligence. Butkevičius was responsible for Ukraine.

It is easy enough to verify, taking into account the cost of his acquisitions, that after Maidan he became €50 million richer.

Matios was indignant.

He found that Poltorak, Poroshenko, Turchynov, Parubiy took part in theft from warehouses, and the military prosecutor’s office had nothing to do with it. According to very unverified information, Matios was given $10 million for his silence.

This is another direction where American and foreign intelligence agencies earned money in Ukraine. That’s thousands of tons of weapons that went all over the world.

Here ‘s another episode. Near Kiev there is the Tarasovsky ilmenite deposit. This ore is very rich in titanium, zirconium, tantalum. The Tarasovsky Mining and Processing Plant received a license under Yanukovych. This license was issued by the Minister of Ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky. According to various indirect signs, a license – as always, free of charge, it is after all a competition – was received by companies connected with Yanukovych ‘s son Aleksandr. When Yanukovych was forced to leave Ukraine, Tigipko‘s people purchased the company. Tigipko often acted as Poroshenko’s beneficiary.

It was obvious that Yanukovych sold Poroshenko this mining and processing plant. The sale price is rumoured to be $150 million. I.e., it is the first ascent, $150 million. It was bought at zero price, and it was sold for $150 million.

Think about it! The current President of Ukraine buys the company from the ‘enemy of the people’ Yanukovych on a cheap basis.

Subsequently, this company changed its owner once again. ‘Velta Holding’ bought it in 2019. The Chairman of the supervisory board of this company, Robert James Woolsey, was the head of the US CIA under Clinton.

According to unverified information, the purchase price was $500 million. The supervisory board of this company, apart from the former CIA director, included a certain Glenn Miles. Glenn Miles is the ‘First Wall Street Capital’ company, and has had a turnover of about $30 billion over the past few years. The company is involved in investments – in energy, in raw materials. According to the most modest estimates, currently the cost of this deposit is about $2 billion.

And once the company starts operating and extracting scarce raw materials, it will cost much more. We see only the supervisory board, we do not see the real owners.

But I have confidence that if we dig into the owners and investigate, we will have the same owners as ‘Burisma’.

Ukraine has been and will continue to be used as long as the country is under external administration.

Everyone knows that in Bila Tserkva near Kiev all the local population goes to meetings and demands to stop mining and revoke the license from ‘Velta Holding’. But Zelensky’s team says – don’t bother, there are Americans, why do we need problems. It’s the same situation with military warehouses.

It is also impossible to hide the situation with theft from military warehouses. Weapons were loaded by the thousands of tons, into wagons, hundreds of people participated in these operations. It is easy to identify and recover criminal cases that were closed by Matios.

But then the Ukrainian authorities will face American and English intelligence agencies, and they do not need this. With the deputy from ‘Servants of the People’ who wrote an inquiry about the “Rutile ilement company”, they immediately started to say ‘It is not necessary, do not touch them’. And this is already now. Under the new government!

Another major issue is energy. Here too, it was not without US citizens.

The US Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, Amos Hochstein, who is a proxy for the former Vice President Joe Biden, and who implements the programs he has developed, is almost constantly in Ukraine.

Deputy Chairman of ‘Naftogaz‘ Andrey Favorov is a citizen of the United States and is engaged in reverse gas supplies, despite the fact that the physical possibility of reverse is almost 10 times less than what is officially specified in the contract.

The damage to the Ukrainian budget for the supply of reverse gas was very significant. The cost of gas supplied to Ukraine under the alleged reverse is significantly higher than if Ukraine purchased gas directly from Russia. This is not done also because it does not benefit the participants of the corruption scheme.

Vladimir Zelensky can investigate the activities of Hochstein and Favorov, whose American companies supply this reverse gas, but I doubt that this will be done, because now, on the contrary, instead of stopping the criminal activities of Favorov, the team of Zelensky is considering the option of replacing Andrey Kobolev as head of ‘Naftogaz Ukraine’ with Andrey Favorov. This is also written in foreign media.

According to the journalists of ‘Associated Press’, one of the sponsors of the US Republican Party, former clients of Giuliani, the businessmen Igor Fruman and Leo Parnas, are trying to remove the head of ‘Naftogaz’ Andrey Kobolev in order to make room for his deputy Andrey Favorov. They had to do this in order to gain control over the supply of liquefied gas from the United States to our country. Future supplies of liquefied gas to Ukraine is a super swindle, which which, if it does happen, all citizens of Ukraine will have to pay for without exception.

Hochstein’s interests are also present in ‘Energoatom‘. But this, like the supply of liquefied gas, is a different story.

Here are some criminal cases to choose from. If Ryaboshapka, the new Prosecutor-General, starts doing them, I commit myself to presenting a dozen more cases like this, where the fingerprints of American companies are visible.

I tried to just go through the most serious issues – the re-export of gas, cases related to the first persons of American politics, Democrats, Republicans, foreign intelligence agencies. These are big high-profile cases. And they stick to Ukraine for much lesser reasons.”

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