Who Came to the Protest in Khabarovsk

Who flew to the protest in Khabarovsk

From Mikhail Khodorkovsky‘s “Open Russia” – recognised in Russia as an undesirable organisation:

  • Tatiyana Usmanova
  • Mariya Kuznetsova
  • Andrey Pivovarov
  • Denis Ibragimov
  • Sergey Vlasov
  • Sergey Naumov
  • Anastasiya Burakova

(A. Pivovarov’s average salary is 563,500 rubles per month; salaries of the other members is on average 37,000-258,000 rubles per month.)

From the US-based “Free Russia Foundation” (recognised in Russia as an undesirable organisation):

  • Aleksey Romanov

From “Current Time TV” – created by “Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty” with participation of “Voice of America”; recognised in Russia as a foreign agent (budget for 2020 is 320,500,000 rubles):

  • Evgeniya Kotlyar

From the HQ of Aleksey Navalny – recognised as a foreign agent:

  • Dmitry Nizovtsev

From “School of Civil Protest” (a touring oppositionist funded by his business in the Moscow region):

  • Konstantin Fokin

From the “BBC” (the budget for 2020-2021 [all foreign services] is 26.6 billion rubles):

  • Petr Kozlov

From Siber.Realii (the budget of “Radio Svoboda” for 2020 [main branch in Russia, excluding language services] is 395,400,000 rubles):

  • Unknown correspondent

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