Who Is Better for Russia – Biden or Trump?

Since the US election is not over yet, there is a very interesting issue that is often discussed recently by various experts and, sorry for the indecent word, bloggers. And the question is: who is better for us, Biden or Trump. Or, in a slightly different formulation, who loves us more.

Of course, in such a generalised sense, this question is not very clear. It is clear that in the mouth of a liberal (who, most likely, has already actively congratulated Biden, directly or in their blog), the answer to this is obvious, just as it is obvious to conservatives (already in the other direction). But, nevertheless, the exact meaning of this question is usually not disclosed, which makes it look somewhat strange. What does “better” mean, who is it “better” for, and how this should “better” manifest itself? Therefore, let’s try to speculate a little on this topic.

Firstly, you need to take into account that Biden was part of the team that still considers itself the winner against the USSR.

It was thanks to this that the notorious photo of him with Gromyko appeared. I.e., he was in the “Bill Clinton team”, against Bush – the president who just wanted to preserve the USSR. And, thus, he is a participant and beneficiary of the theft not only of Ukraine, but also of Russia (through privatisation). And, most importantly, he is a proponent of the logic that Russia, as the side that lost the cold war, does not have the right to participate in the “highest” world political League. In Biden’s understanding, we are somewhere in the group of Zambia, the Philippines and Bulgaria, which by some misunderstanding still possess nuclear weapons (let me remind you that in the 90s there were attempts to take our nuclear complex under “international” control).

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We do not consider ourselves losers, since the choice to change the model was made by us independently (even with the help of foreign helpers). And to instill in us the loser complex (as it was possible to do with West Germany), in general, failed. And then, we understand that the current problems of the US are almost an exact copy of our problems of the late 80’s, on our historical scale, the US is now somewhere in 1990, with all the ensuing consequences. And this, with all the US representatives who have grown up since 1991, creates serious cognitive problems. Including Biden.

If he wins, he will demand (both implicitly and explicitly) that people in our country be brought to power who recognise our “defeat” of 1991 and act in accordance with this logic. Such people are not respected in our country, and therefore big problems are inevitable. Whether this is good or bad again depends on the interpretation. Since I deeply dislike such people, I will not be happy about Biden’s arrival. But only from this side, and there are others.

Trump, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, was engaged in business and his stories with the collapse of the USSR were of little concern. From his point of view, Putin is a worthy and equal partner, and Russia, although not quite equal (the economy is smaller), is quite an adequate partner. And for him, there is not even a question of whether Russia can be in the highest world political league, in his understanding it is already there. Therefore, for many forces in Russia, it is much more pleasant. Psychologically, of course, because tough negotiations are his forte.

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I would like to draw your attention to one important fact: the phenomenon described in the previous paragraph does not have any connotations with the word “love”. Trump is not very interested in Russia as such, it is just one of the world powers that he has to reckon with. Sometimes to “run over” it, sometimes – to negotiate with it, other times to consider it as an ally in the framework of a specific task. A fundamental difference from Biden, who does not think in such terms at all.

Secondly, since we live in a global space and cannot consider ourselves separately from it, it is fundamentally important for us how Trump’s or Biden’s policies affect this space.

The Mikhail Khazin Foundation for Economic Research has prepared a corresponding report, so we should be aware that Biden’s gain is economic chaos.

Some might even like it (what revenge for 1991!), but I’m not sure that chaos in a nuclear power is something that people should like. The very idea that nuclear missiles or bombs will be sold to all sorts of dubious organisations (including dangerous terrorists) seems to me extremely dangerous, remember Ukraine in the early 90’s. This is just horror-horror-horror.

But Trump in this case is a serious salvation not only for the US, but, since the situation will remain under control, for the world as well. So in terms of security, Trump is definitely better than Biden. Of course, some may say that our report is not the absolute truth, but is there an alternative? Or does someone think that it can be compared to this squalor?

So for now, I will proceed from the logic that is outlined in our report.

Thirdly, these are our opponents (including the current elites of Ukraine, the Baltic republics, Georgia, Armenia, and so on) who are orientated towards the US.

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The fact is that they are not really orientated towards the US, but towards transnational financiers, whose interests in the US are represented by the current top of the Democratic Party. From this point of view (if we consider not only states, but also other state entities, such as the elite of the “western” global project), both Russia and the US are occupied countries. Only we are occupied not by other states (like, say, Germany or Northern Cyprus), but by supranational structures. And what Putin is doing in Russia and Trump is trying to do in the US is a painful attempt to get rid of this occupation and return to national interests.

And if we look at the situation in the US from this side, we can be sure that Trump’s victory will greatly facilitate our work with our closest neighbours. In any case, it will become more clear and transparent. And, of course, for those who are not very happy with the external occupation by transnational financiers, it will help restore our sovereignty.

Of course, there are other shades of difference between Trump and Biden. They can be discussed at length and in detail. But the main thing that I wanted to show with this text is that it is impossible to say which of the current presidential candidates “loves” Russia more without a detailed analysis of what is behind their attitude to our country and what criteria are used as the basis for comparison. Without this, it turns out to be stupid and not convincing.

Mikhail Khazin

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