Who Is the Real Traitor?

NEW – September 5, 2022

Sometimes all sorts of idiots who still have my Ukrainian number, but whom I have long forgotten, write to me, as they probably consider the insults “original”. I’m used to it already and treat such condescendingly.

But calling me a traitor? Guys, I can be anything for you, but I’m not a traitor. Who have I betrayed? Zelensky’s bastards? The Queen of Britain? The US President? NATO? The degenerates who burned people in Odessa? The nazis of “Azov“? The SBU that pursued me?

There has been a civil war in Ukraine for 8 years. All these 8 years I have publicly declared my position and my involvement with a certain side in this war. I have never been a part of Maidan, a supporter of NATO and the current regime in Ukraine.

In order to betray someone, one needs to be together with this someone first. I have never been together with the bastards of the Zelensky regime, with the nazis who have been killing Russians and destroying Donbass for 8 years. I was against them — they were my enemies. So how can I betray them now?

It is also impossible to “betray” Ukraine. Because there is no “united Ukraine”. Because for you, Russia has “attacked” Ukraine, and for me, like millions of Ukrainians, Russia is liberating Ukraine from occupation. It’s like in 1943 in Ukraine, everything is simple.

The “aggression of Russia” exists only in Zelensky’s bullshit marathon. This is not a war with Ukraine, but in Ukraine. It was you who brought Russia’s enemies to Ukraine, who decided to fight against Russia in Ukraine and via Ukraine. So didn’t you betray Ukraine yourself?

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I remained myself. It’s just that you went cuckoo in February and yesterday’s scum became your heroes today. But I don’t blame you for anything, and I don’t accuse you of betrayal. Each of us is on the side on which we considered it necessary to be: WITH OUR OWN. It’s just that “our own” is different for you and for I.

Victory will judge us, guys. Russia’s victory.

Aleksandr Skubchenko

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