Who Is Yanukovych Afraid of, and Why?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian VIP-emigrant wasn’t ashamed to show the leadership of the country that sheltered him in an unseemly light.

The last at the current moment legitimate president of Ukraine last Viktor Yanukovych stated that he didn’t make an appeal to Russia to enter troops into Ukraine. He reported about this in an interview to a group of Russian and Ukrainian journalists on the occasion of the third anniversary of the coup in Ukraine.

“I didn’t ask to enter the army into Ukraine. It’s not like that …. Firstly, it’s not a letter, but a statement. Secondly, there are laws,” added the ex-president. “I didn’t betray my people, I tried to defend my people, and to do it within my powers…”

First of all, it is unclear what the difference is in this context of how this document is called – letter or statement, if Yanukovych’s request to the Russian President Vladimir Putin about the sending to Ukraine of the Russian Armed Forces was expressed in black and white. The text of this address was read in the UN Security Council on March 3rd, 2014, by the official representative of the Russian Federation Vitaly Churkin.

“I appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to use the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to re-establish the rule of law, peace, order, stability and to protect the people of Ukraine,” said Victor Yanukovych on March 1st, 2014 …

Moreover — at the same meeting of the UNSC, the official representative of the Russian Federation confirmed that the President of Russia received a written request from Viktor Yanukovych about the need of the introduction of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine.

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Thus, here is one of the only two possibilities – if now Viktor Yanukovych is telling the truth, affirming that he didn’t write any appeal to Putin about the introduction of troops, so it follows that the official representative of Russia simply invented all of this. And as the now-deceased Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, being an outstanding statesman of a high professional level of diplomacy, would never have the audacity to independently falsify such statements, it means that – if to believe Yanukovych – all of this, from beginning to end, is a provocation by the Russian authorities! It turns out that they composed this letter themselves and fabricated Yanukovych’s signature under it. And taking into account the status of this document, the only person who could give it the go-ahead is the President of Russia himself!

In this regard I have only one question. Doesn’t it seem that Mr. Yanukovych assumed too much on himself, by in fact accusing the Russian authorities of the direct falsification of a so important document? And also, what a convenient time he chose, taking into account that Vitaly Churkin, who he now dumps all responsibility on and actually accuses of perjury, just died and still hasn’t even been buried?

Of course, Mr Yanukovych frankly palters, denying the obvious. And behaves in this case as unscrupulously as he did during the past few years – starting with the shameful handing over of the country entrusted to him to a gang of street thugs, and finishing with the recent appeal to the western courts. Of course, his lawsuit isn’t about protecting the honor and dignity of an illegally overthrown president of Ukraine, but only about unblocking his foreign bank accounts.

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But most of all shocking is the cynicism of this politician who, seemingly, is still more afraid of making the current Kiev von-barons discontent than of the quite justifiable bewilderment of the authorities of the country that sheltered him.

Otherwise why now does he refuse the authorship of the document, which from the point of view of his presidential powers was absolutely lawful and, moreover, gave him the chance to be rehabilitated before history and the people? The President of the state has full authority to call anyone for help with the quelling of anti-constitutional mutiny — for example the Russian army or the American army. In the same way as was done in similar situations by his many foreign colleagues. For example, literally this month the Armed Forces of several African countries were sent to Mali at the request of the legally elected president of this country for the quelling of the mutiny that broke out there. And nobody in the whole world didn’t even think to object, because there was no and is no crime in it. Unless from the point of view of the Kiev junta itself, the anger of which seemingly the most shameful president of Ukraine is afraid of.

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